Sunday, April 24, 2011

Northern hemisphere - good morning vietnam

Breakfast is either chicken AND scrambled eggs (mother and child, in the easter spirit) or shanghai noodle ... Both inedible. Air New Zealand, please provide Muesli, without pumpkin seeds, with buckwheat, lots of dried fruit, fresh banana, full cream milk powder, probiotic yofhurt (lactobacillus rhamnosa and oligofructose) etc.
As I am listening to groovecatcher (further from home), i realise that we not moving, we are still above challenger deep, mariana trench. The map is broken' the senior nz stewardess "do you realise we are actually stuck, really". "oh" i say "bermuda triangle" .. We chuckle.
So i try to play kasparov chess, but when i select kathy as opponent (rating: silver) the programme ("coded by dti") crashes and resets. It works on second try, surprise. We are still stuck over challenger deep, though.

10am, I suicided my queen, gave up chess.
Found a scifi movie "space battleship yamato" great yarn. In the year 2199 mars is invaded by an unknown enemy, Gamilas. Great retro romp to planet iskandar, humanity only has months before it is extinct. An anti-radiation device (with a builr-in friendly consciousness) from the great magellanic cloud is being liberated from the evil aliens. Japan really needs it now "to make people hopeful, while the top military leader know full well that earth is moribund.. Hope for Fukushima? Consolation by cinematic escapism?

Landed in the morning mist, immigration long cue, I see europeans and chinese people interfere with the barriers, try that in the USA and you will be selected for special interrogation.
No problems at customs, no military anywhere, very civil, I even get a smile. There is a small computer screen for me, where i see the photo they take of me, my passport photo and my details. Underneaath a tell me to check if the details are correct. A little glasnost, i suppose. Nexti changed money (wasted 50rmb/6eur, could have used atm), bought a sim card in terminal one (150) and now taking bus no5 to people's square.
Finished a round through the saturday marriage market and near the museum parents photogrphing their cute kids at the red pink blue flower garden backdrop with white doves. Very relaxed and photogenic event.
In a secret alcove theatre people are preparing their phantasmorgic costumes and three young girls chatted me up. One even spoke german they were sisters holidaying in shanghai from Tsing-Tao.
When I complimented the youngest - the flower-on-the-wall - about her great sponge-bob handbag, they decided to leave, probably thinking that i am abnormal.
Next stop the soup-palace, 16rmb phantastic spicy broth. I am envigorated to lug my 12kg rucksack around.
It is near 1pm and sitting down in the big pedestrian zone is excellent to study the population mix. Apart from the odd westerner couple ther are ONLY chinese. Not an african, indian or other. I measure 0.18 uS/hr, a little high. Chinese people enjoy the spring and go shopping. Compared to the miserable sour westerners, they laugh and are carefree.
Their government seems to provide housing, jobs and career opportunities, the are street-cleaners that keep the tiles spotless, probably all union members. Did i mention it is springtime?

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