Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hospital -13- day 4 checkout

Last night was ok. My sleep was interrupted by an awful smell of bad perfume. After daybreak Fiu told me that he was using air-freshener because his "farts smelled bad". I asked him to start an experiment on the range of his farts, I can still ask him to spray in an emergency.

Mae-Lyn came to read my bloodpressure, with an older machine she had to plug into the mains. She was as professional and knowledgable as ever, smart and caring.

7:45 a.m.
Doctors came and went, not talking to me or Fiu.

Mae-Lyn returned with the oxigenation-meter and took my temperature.

8:00 a.m.
Yey! Doctor Richard came to see me. I said "of course i have a thousand questions" and we compromised on two questions. Total nephrectomy does not preclude a later kidney transplant, because "they put it in a different place". Why? "because it is easier to get to". The plumbing can be reused. Good news for the future when i need an organ transplant.

Jane came and brought me a brochure, "laparoscopic nephrectomy patient information" and told me that the guy who is doing it is the best man for the job. Five minutes later she came again with the open surgery version of the same pamphlet.

Waiting for breakfast.

Breakfast came, margarine, cornflakes, fat free milk. I bought another three bananas for 2 dollars 10 (1 euro 20 cent).
Doctor Lee brought me a buscopan prescription and I had a look at the hotpack (hot water bottle substitute). It is an ingenious improvisation. A wet towel sausage roll wrapped in plastic, microwaved.

Mae-Lyn gave me my release papers.
Yet another wonderful doctor hand-delivered my CT-scan data CDrom to me.
There I was ... Said good bye to everyone, take the bus home,

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