Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hawaii honolulu magic impressions

Really depressing. This is the overall impression, and not motivational to write travel blogs at all.

But here we go.

The slave culture produces some outstanding artists. There is sharp competition in the niches of repectability of a depressed society. The slaves are many, and the tales of the rich and famous keep everybody unhappy with desire. Demeaning jobs like shopping-bag carrier need to be filled until robots can do those jobs. Education is only useful if one becomes part of a large locust corporation.

Yesterday evening, on Kalakaua Ave, shopping mile, glitz and tourist trap there was some first rate free entertainment. Magicians Andres from Argentina, Kekoa for Los Angeles and MagicSteve from Louisiana were totally marvellous.

Waikiki street artists - drummer - child seducers - Basketball Man
Drum drum, drummer on plastic buckets, cow bell and bottle --christian child brainwash-seducers of pentecostal missionary church of christ 4th watch sect of honolulu -- Basketball Man who performs almost nightly on the strip along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki near the International Marketplace.


Waikiki street magician ANDRES and KEKOA
Funny and totally astounding card illusions - Kekoa from Los Angeles very magical trickery, very capable conjurer!!!

Andreas made full size Cdroms disappear in mid air, Kekoa's card trick where here "printed" the correct card after it was magicaly changed inside the half translucent sleeve WHILE WE WERE WATCHING, JUST LIKE THE NAPLES BLOOD MIRACLE (San Gennaro) ... Shockingly magnificent. Steve's shoe made the correct card float in the air, UNBELIEVABLE!  Magic Steve's superb mastery of coins, cards and beautiful women's and children's psychology was fantastic.

They all knew Seth, my favourite card illusionist from last year. Also the basket ball man has a similar study/training/rehearsal time. A real accomplishment.

Otherwise, Honolulu is worse than ever. The noise is hellish, the people are stereotypes, down to the mental cases, who are smart enough not to cause violence, otherwise they'd be incarcerated for life. Infernal Harley-Davidson combustion exhaust noise every 5 minutes ... huge diesel engines and massive traffic on pot-holed roads, this our 24 hour, 365 days soundtrack.
Swimming in waikiki beach's murky water is nice, but one is so alone, life in the USA is so boring. 

Yesterday in the rattling bus there was a stundent reading a boulevard-page in the time magazine. It took him 20 minutes to read one page.
The "revolution-books" shop had three people working amongst socialist and marxist literature, and all three were adamant that the september eleven events were done by arabs from afghanistan. Holy cow!
"disciplined by debt" and "high carbom lifestyle" and "learned helplessness" come to mind.
The TV is constantly talking about the WAR, military, freedom, loved ones, honour, service and terror. Brainwashing round the clock. DemocracyNow is on channel 54 at 7am, and that gives a better picture of the current news and affairs. On all other channels original thought is drummed away. Marching to the ever-repeated and cleverly spun doctrines. How amazing that everyone watches FOX news, the corporate whore and finance-empire's propaganda distributor.
Amongst a barrage of spooky howling police sirens, i escape to the beach and read my book. I count six low-flyimg surveillance helivoptrts, a dozen jet takeoffs in the didtance, and the constant diesel drone from the huge tourist boat that moores at the Hilton-pier that dissects the beach. I finished the book, went back to the apartment where the combustion barney of refridgeration trucks and harley davidsons was mind-numbing. You can still hear it all with earplugs .

Next evening, on Moana Terrace some serene pacific (peaceful) songs soothe the synapses for a while. Divine hawaiian music, relaxed and full of aloha oe.

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