Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Train journey FRANKFURT SFO flight

I used up my spare change of 6.81 euro with the taxi to the Main Trainstation, perfectly. I asked the driver stop at the exact fare, which was 100 metres from the destination, but he just turned off the meter, and took me the last bit.
The train was already there, I was 20 minutes early. The noises inside a empty german train at 3 am were spooky. Pumps clicking, the whole carriage shaking, a technotronic animated saurus. I had just seen the movie INCEPTION and watched the platform clock's second-hand stopping for about 4 seconds on rhe top of every minute, in sync with a curious one-seconds interval noise inside the train - occasional rumblings and shakes. Spoooo - kkkyyy.
The twisted-mustache ticket controller told me about his friend Finken the german baker in Hawaii and the 28 hours flight time. Wow, he went to school with Finken, and he has a daughter near Detroit. I told him Finken had died in Canada, but he didn't react. We agreed that the US heelth system might have killed our baker, his daughter's kid's dentist costs 150 dollars a visit, I forgot to mention to watch SiCKO and The Yes Men Fix Thr World.
The train is slowly filling up, 3:45 a.m., Moenchengladbach, blah blah. As usual, like brand new airport, everything works and built to last a thousand years, a typical german airport.
Nice flight with a 737-300; beautiful industrial-pollution dawn above the clouds, landing in the dark again.
Frankfurt airport is SOMETHING else. It is huuuugge. To slaughter some time (like the heathen it is) I went to see the superstitious beliefs of the local savages, the airport synagoge, orthodox and other christian sect's (catholic, lutheran) prayer rooms, as well as the mosque with a curtain-separated women's area.
The christians gave me water and we had a chat about how nice it is to have the various gods, right next door to each other. I told them I am flying to Hawaii, and the elder lady asked me if I knew about the earthquake. She confused Haiti, and I reminded her of the next door neighbor christian nation which allows cholera to reign. The shame of hypocrisy was palpable, her boss volunteered that the local rulers always waste all aid. ... I did not mention Aristide and just said good bye.

I found some acceptable reading material, mainstream corporate-whore media.
Der Spiegel magazine had some sensationalist but readable, journalistically inadequate/censored articles - that gave few factual details and lots of human-interest angles, yet weren't outright propaganda - about mass murderers, Charles Taylor and Ariel Sharon (who comatosed on 4. January 2006). Heavy tobacco smokers become demented (Archives of Internal Medicine), methicillin resistant staphylococcus-aureus infections (hospital bugs, portugal, spain, italy, greece, but not finland) and the terrific art-fakery scandal around Campendonk and a Flechtheim collection.
On 25 October Night Nurse Gregory Isaacs died of lung cancer in London, aged 59.
Time to board the 25year old 747-400 to San Francisco, in the police-state 9/11 terrorist military/corporate/spy-state
Nation that Der Spiegel title page calls:
The united states of dispair, with reference to the debt crisis that uncannily INCREASED under Obama.
We are flying between Bergen and the Shetland Isles, over what the german map annotation calls the "european northern sea" and in english is shown as the "Norwegian Sea".
Food is edible (tasty red cabbage with yummy but tiny dumpling with lovely spiced dog-food beef), a rubbery brealroll, nice german butter and a very agreeable wedge of camenbert.
The crew is great, almost as wonderful as Air New Zealand's.
The headphone music selection is large, but airNZ is unbeatable. Lufthansa has nothing modern, except for some very well produced and intersting Tamil pop hits on channel 22, presented by Subra (or Sura). Many channels have recurring, annoying audio drop-outs, and there is no talk-only programme, apart from a boring children's story one.

Greenland, Canada, Baffin Bay, Fox Basin, Hudson Bay at 36000 feet, 560 miles per hour, 350 tons take-off weight, burning 90 tons of kerosene jet fuel in 11hours.
About as much per person/passenger than heating a home in germany for a month or two. The aeroplane engines have a much cleaner combustion and help cool the earth with sunlight-reflecting vapour trails.
Calgary, Vancouver Portland, Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Lake Athatbascall receive a bit of the exhaust of my winter heating effort, I am going to new zealand where my electric power consumption is non-nuclear and from 50 per cent renewable, hydro-power generation.
En route I visit a military state that spend more on secret spy agencies than education, more on weapons than the rest of the planet combined and where millions are im jail and many more millions dependent on food-stamps.

The was an announcement of a new regulation by the US government.
It is now forbidden to stand in groups inside the airplane.

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