Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rocking Tamil Style over the US of Angst.

It is 7pm in Germany and we are 3 hours away from reaching the empire.
We passed Flin Flon, approaching Saskatoon and I am reminded of Manifestoon, a must-see on youtube.
There is no snow in the landscape below. Cloudless sunshine over The Pas, Bangor, Milot, Bismarck, Great Falls, Fargo, Spokane and Glendive, locations identified for me on the GPS map that dispalys our progress towards the country where people believe that Allah/God/Jahwe created the earth 6000 years ago, complete with buried dinosaur bones, just to fool the natives.
Midterm elections are in progress, and people vote on their rulers, but cannot identify what actual issues there selected candidates stand for. Except the Tea Party, which I believe is a creation of the PR industry and Mellon Scaife types.
They stand for the teaching the religious doctrine of "intelligent design" in public schools, and by tomorrow we will know how many US citizens fall for this.
As we fly past Moose Jaw, Lethbridge and Glasgow at 883 km/h, 38000 feet or 11582 meters, breakfast is made, listening to very inventive Tamil Nadu pop music, using celtic music, hard rock guitar, synthesizer and flamenco styles, wonderful free musical spirits (playlist ch22 -at-
We lost 43 km/h speed as we turned more eastly approaching Havre, Butte and Boise (now 840 kmh) maybe we left the jet stream.
At 12:37 california time we are passing overhead of Anaconda, east of the Blue Mountains, Montana, 833 km per hour over ground (516 miles p hr), 1h 29 minutes til touchdown. The Tamil Music is nuts. VERY entertaining, synphonic, racy, raunchy, high-tech, tabla, meditative, mushy (schnulzig) and well composed. Great recording studio work, awesome, funky, Tamil parties must have a lot of dancing going on.
We are over Idaho now. Oh my goddess.

Landing in SFO was stunningly perfect. USA airports aren't busy these days. The weather was pictureperfect, blue skies and - when I finally made it outside - warm, almost hot sunshine.

Immigration (not homeland security but us customs) was as expected. They took a photo of me, and scanned EVERY FINGER and typed my answers to work, income and motivation questions straight into Big Brother's computer.

ENJOY FREE WIFI at sfo airport

Except it doesn't work. A chinese person next to me laughs when I asked if he got a connection. In Hong Kong there is free wifi on public busses.

Orwellian loudspeaker announcement "Homeland Security Threat level orange bla bla at all times".

The capitalist Reich Sicherheit is paramount, Will we ever see it go down to yellow?

I asked the supervisor of the private mercenary company that work behind a desk with a huge STATE seal. He didn't know the colours of the threat level, neither did any of my fellow men in the cUe, waiting to take our shoes off for scanning.
We all agreed that RED is higher, most agreed on orange being the second highest, and t people preumed that yellow is the next lower one, and one person actually remembered it being yellow. But the colours below? We were all guessing, blue, green, pastell colors.
I have a feeling that orange might be the middle one, and there is a top level of "throbbing vein purple".

The private security company guard also explained that they get 2 weeks paid vacation after they have worked for a number of years, and, surprise, they all belonged to a union.
Paid parental leave, he thought was two weeks, a executive looking guy in the queue said 12 weeks. The binding International Labour Organisation ILO standard for all countries is 14 weeks.

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