Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SFO airport, Flight to Honolulu

The United States of ugly people. One can't say germany is a model there, but US (un-) culture takes personal attire to new depths. But it doesn't matter. Freedom to be dressed by walmart, body-shaped by McDonalds and educated by Fox News. Incredible corporate guidance of society.
Inside the grubby and old Being 767-300 to Pearl Harbor the stewardess proudly announces thar the beverages are all made by coca-cola, I kid you not.
The take-off from SFO was pretty. The airport itself is big and has perpendicular crossing over runways. The ocean was covered by extremely low clouds (or fog?) that formed nice patterns. The airpollution layer was well visible amongst the red dusk spectacular.
There is shocking "food" for sale, a turkey sandwich for 8.99 usd. That's all that is available for a 5 hour flight.
Fondly I remember Mueller Milchreis mit Zimt abd the pasta from Lufthansa.

A welcome surprise for people who use their brains wa the "Halfway to Hawaii Game", at what Honolulu time do we reach the half way point?
The old hack captain gave us the numbers as follows:
Take-off was at 15h07, total distance is 2184nm, total flight time is 5h04m, with 477nm/hr. Headwind for the first half of the way at 27nm and 19nm thereafter.
My first estimate simply based on total flight time halved and an estimated correction for the harder headwind towards the halfway point came to about 17h40. My second attempt calculated the half distance 1092 nautical miles with a flight speed of 477-27=450 to be 2.4266 hours, plus half of the difference between actual flight time and the missing minutes - for takeoff and landing speed reduction, 0.255 / 2 = 0.1275. Came to 2.5541 or 2h33m15s added to departure time = 17h40m15s.
Which can't be correct ... Because the headwind difference is just under t per cent, and that would be on the order of 3 minutes. OK so I recalculated it on percentage of speed change against 5h04 flight time, 1.76 per cent shift came to 17h44m21s and I entered that into the competition and I wasn't even close. 17h39m21 was the winner.

Arrival in HNL. Airport and bus trip to Waikiki.

Arrival in the former paradise island of Oahu is to face abominations in concrete and noisy diesel engines whereever you turn. It seems that even in recession-USA, the machines consuming vast amounts of energy are not shut down. If oil would run out it would be a blessing.
9pm The bus headlighrs briefly shine on people sleeping on the middle of pavement and at bus shelters and in doorways. Lots of them,
The road surfaces are broken, the rattling noise is infernal. Bus prices have tripled in just a few years, now a single trip is 2.50, a one-month pass is 60 dollars. Open Wifi access points can still be found.
T-shirt weather, sunrise in one hour,

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Vivid imagery. The turkey sandwich is a marker for taking your own in flight picnic.

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