Sunday, May 2, 2010

Altar apocalypse birds koran story

on 21 april 2010 we went to see New Zealand's Weta workshop's Avatar for the third time, this time on the giant imax screen with rather nice 3d glasses. Very enjoyable and a good opportunity to analyse the current doctrinal paradigme again. USA military hommage marine corps turned do-gooder versus the evil corporation. The world is rescued by the animals of the forest who are the cavallery to rescue to good smurfs in the last minute. Aerial attacking birds were seen by my taxi driver as a reference to the koran, where birds will pick up the corpses, too heavy to carry by humans, at the apocalypse, the end of the world.
Interesting taxi chauffeur. He even knew about 9/11 (new york world trade centre) having been a us inside job.
When a pakistani taxi driver knows that much of the terror is comitted by secret deep state black-ops or agent provocateurs, then we must be close to getting the necessary change from elite rule and deception towards equality and justice.. Wonderful, but what now? Elections are our only option, yet public opinion is perception-managed with utmost fervour. I remember Parenti's second law: "when change threatens to rule, the rules are changed".
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