Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coltraine zappa tomiya

I am listening to seeded on bfm, and it is rainig outside. I have agian have imbibed 70ml olive oil and lemon juice to heal my kidney. I have managed to make three stones disappear, amazingly in 12 days. Naomi by coltrane.. Wow. Hot rats, zappa, yeah. Freude schoener goetterfunken by isao tomita.. A audible smorgasboard, on seed it. Rubin Nielson and brother cody. Mint chicks. Painter. Art school arty farty. Punk rock. Swingle singers Bach.
Now he plays black satin by miles davis.
The photo above seems to be a petrified snail or mollusk or shellfish or somesuch.
The Kill by Fugazi - most recent album 12 inch.
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