Friday, May 7, 2010

Foto temple of doom

We are on a nice walk up the valley, through the forest of old puriri and rata trees. The voew frpm the top of the ridge is stunning. "Give me two poles and a hammock" said stephen "and I sleep the night here".
We talk about people that are generally made fun of. Southern coubtrmen, and in the case of france, the Belgians, In their defense we agree that they have a great cuisine. Kenzo mentions their legendary pommes frites.
Stephen tells me that the best french fries -- "le frit" -- he ever had, were in Paris and they were fried in ostrich-fat, gourmet chips.
He also told me about the boat l'astrolabe which was mysterious lost after leaving sydney, and never found, maybe with d'urville on board.
Kenzo and Stephen -- two relaxed and educated french guys -- know about the american inside job on 9/11 but asked to be told the story of the sinking of the greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior in Auckland on the 10 july 1985. Stephen was 5 years old. They are going to visit australoa next.
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