Friday, May 7, 2010

HERE MAN LIVES -Tuesday 4th of May

Ah, it *is* so nice to be in the sticks again. The summer just doesn't want to end. Even though it rained madly last saturday, the streams are very low. There isn't even enough water for the hydro-generator, it had to be turned off.
Solar power is good though -- the new sun-collector makes hot water for showers and baths, perfectly.
The bushman and his dog caught a wild pig, he dispatched it with the knife with the dog holding it. The freezer is now full of pigmeat. The dog ate the heart and liver this morning.
Two french guys are arriving today, have to ask them who is the snorer. We have movies to watch, we fell asleep during johnny depp alice in wonderland yesterday evening.
On Sunday we saw Saturn between Leo and Virgo. Spaceweather reported a geomagnetic storm with auroras visible in the USA. Stockmarkets are falling, public protests in europe, all quiet and docile in the american-anglo empire.
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