Sunday, November 14, 2010

google knows Hawaii best

Amazing, today i planned a journey with goolge maps, transport mode = bus, and it gave me a connection to the 85 express bus on corner of alakea and sourh hotel streets. We got there one minute late, and the busdriver then didn't know about a Nr 85 bus stopping there. The busstop sign also did not list 85, so he said take the 65. I thought I had transcribed wrongly and stepped into the 65 bus, putting my transfer ticket in the waste-paper bag, asked again, and WOW, the driver insisted I take the 56 bus.
God-damn, have to pay 2 dollars fifty again.
Nevertheless, the 85 bus arrives, as predicted by google!! 12 minutes late according to it satellite navigation routeplanner, and I did have to pay again.

I am going to a planetarium show, "The ancient skies of the secret Maya calendar", and - yes - one must expect the 2012 doom armageddon rapture nuclear war with china questions.
Lets see if they care for my astro prophecy handbook and someone buys one.
Writing this in the incredibliy noisy bus, it feels like inside the refridgerated engine room of a small u-boat that is battered around by a vicious seas.
Around me there are some brown skinned and pretty, braces wearing teenagers, talking loudly (they have to) non-stop. Girly topics, psycho.

We transversed under the mountains of the island of oahu and are greeted with a night view of Los Angeles. I thought Kaneohe would be small and rural, but WELCOME TO A 21ST CENTURY URBAN SPRAWL, nature modified into suburbia.

The planetarium was nice, and I met two princesses, one from Turkey and Rebecca from Finland who were willing to hear my simple wisdoms.

At the "box office" people  - who arrived in huge new cars and looked well-to-do - were engaging in haggeling and duplicitous talk in order to "save" a single dollar (student, pensioner superannuation, disabled concession).  As if the small school-planetarium needed no support.

Joe the projectionist briefly showed some awesome simulations around the rings of Saturn, demonstrating that the rings' material is courser in the centre rings because sunlight makes them brighter as the light reflects (from the sun above) and darker from underneath (sun more blocked), whereas the innermost and outermost rings (made from finer particles, dust) are brighter seen from underneath, and darker seen from atop.

The Maya show was a stupid retelling of their creatiom myth, and although it was paid for by the National Science Foundation and produced by the Chabot it was almost anti-scientific and even short on Maya folklore. Clearly made for USA soft-brain audiences, with a narration like tranquilizer advertisement, it even omitted the human sacrifices of ripping out still beating hearts of virgins in honour of the Venusian and solar gods. Probably to keep the feeling that religious superstitions are nice and beneficial ... And avoid the bloody and corrupt history of all human religious terror. The astronomy was very bad and the graphics were dizzying and childishly overdone. Stll, the night-skies and mayan temples looked good, despite a serious misalignment of the projectors. The actual science dataset shine through.

Even the best night-sky in a planetarium is still just a comic version of the real thing under the dark skies of New Zealand.
There are no star-signs anymore when the milky-way is illuminating the ground, and the Magellanic Clouds are overhead.

Joe is a good man, he swapped a diary for free entry and I even saw the show twice.
After a heavy rain shower (it stopped quickly, tropics) i found a bus stop next to a hell-on-earth motorway, walked another mile or two to Kaneohe passing by half a dozen screaming-siren police cars attending a crime scene with drunken youth (i was told to move on) to a crowded bus stop where an old man told me that "everybody eventually ends up here" to which I said "so, this is the end of the world".
We both smirked at the apocalyptic humour, surrounded by teenagers, what a life. Dangerous, it seemed, as a evil looking policeman in his unmarked car drove past, inspecting us, giving us the evil eye.
Then the exactly correct bus arrived, something google had not predicted.
A t-shirt of a young tall male bus passenger said; CONFIDENCE ... The feeling you have before you fully grasp the situation.

Made me think of the USA and the end of oil.

Car traffic is on biblical proportions, three, four-lane highways are bumper to bumper, all evening. The roar of 8 cylinder SUVs can be heard for miles.
Peak oil has happened, but the panglosian dimwits have a cognitive map they follow, ignoring all evidence. (what?)

Meanwhile VoA news says that the UN calls on all remaining nations to ratify the anti-corruption treaty, so i found the UN official website and here are the non-ratifiers: Barbados, Saudi-Arabia, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Cote d'Ivoire, Sudan .... (but, for a change, NOT the US and Israel!)

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