Monday, November 15, 2010

Waikiki beach evergreen

So there. Saturday on a beach between the Sheraton and the Halekulani, view toward Diamond Head, the volcanic cone/crater. A 35y old smart looking Russian guy is discussing drug deals on his mobile phone, some middle aged men reading silly fiction books, old ladies looking around dissatisfied. Only young girls seem to have fun, ostensibly.
Drugs could be tempting here, apparently half of US Americas middle aged women are constantly stoned. I feel like a good german cold one, St. Pauli Girl, hmm.

I filmed the sunset in a 30 minute uninterrupted take, by placing the camera on a rubbish bin. The conversations to tell people not to touch the bin - leave their garbage with me instead of risking to shake the camera picture - were priceless. I saw a bearded guy - who I remembered from last year as a fervent christian - begging for one-dollar notes, so I waived him over and said: "i give you a dollar if you are an atheist". He smelled a rat, and i did not test his faith and gave him a dollar which I now regret. Another guy was checking bins for deposit bottles 5 cent a piece, i gave him a dollar, and he was wrapped, thanked me profusely.
USA poverty and submissiveness. In germany the guy would get 35 US cents deposit for coke cans and plastic water bottles, 12 cent for beer bottles, but would probably be drinking a 45 cent bottle of beer (again with 35c deposit) while relaxing.

Sunday, 14 November. The apartments one floor below are treated against the United States bed-bugs epidemic, but the smell is coming in through the power-cable ducts, so the beach it is.
Helicopters, power-boats, jets of all sizes plus loud child amonishing "Jiles, time out".
Yesterday evening still runs through my mind. Andres, the superb argentinian star-performer did 17 stunts and earned 60 dollars from that. On a Saturday night!
And he said that next year the city of honolulu will close off the pedestrian sidewalk with flower-beds so that Kalakaua Ave street performers will be a thing of the past.
Maybe they will run out of money? There it is, the hope that things become better by the empire running out of money. The fallacy until now has been that the USA can ever run out of cash, because the "consumer of the last resort" was able to print all the money it likes, whenever it likes, because the IMF and World-Bank are in Washington, and the world can buy OIL only in US dollars.
There are noises that this might be changing, because the world is no longer willing to lend the USA their hard currency. And when oil runs out, who will want to sell the remaining oil for inflationary US dollars? Well, they maybe forced to at US gunpoint.

Voltaire's Panglos would say that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and everything was made so that it works perfectly for us.

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