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The Bank of Real Solutions is a web-based initiative that aims to share the stories of grassroots projects around New Zealand that are helping their communities become more resilient, vibrant, healthier, happier, and better connected.

Ideas talks to the website's coordinator, Laurence Boomert; a Whanganui couple whose Stone Soup project, inspired by a fairy tale, is bringing a community together; visits Whanganui's Green Bikes recycling scheme and the nearby Castlecliff conservation project, and hears about Lyttelton's Time Bank and the part it played in helping the town deal with the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

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Bank of Real Solutions

Lyttelton Time Bank

Monetary Reform - by Tom Greco March 19, 2004


The Need for Monetary Reform and the Status of the Movement

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. March 19, 2004

What is Needed to Solve the Problem?

The denationalization of money, the separation of money and state is urgently needed.


You can download spirit of money from EMULE!!
The Spirit of Money - Documentary Download

Community Currencies Conference 2009 in Wanganui.

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