Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waikiki Sidewalk astronomy

Waikiki Beach sidewalk astronomer Carey S. Johnson 808 2161410 http://quarkcsj.com/ told me jupiter is only 30 something minutes away, and its Moons were named after his (Zeus') sex-partners including Ganymed, the biggest Moon, bigger than Mercury, who was a male.
Zeus buggered boys, the Gallilean moon (medici stars) bear witness.
At 10pm when I walked home, the whole of Waikiki beach had already shut down. Weird. The most comfortable climate for partying was dead quiet (except for jowling police sirenes).
The Us feels a bit like Sudan, where the false morals are held in high regards, a religious empire, a surveillance state with everyone living in fear, like Iran, good for the rulers because they can subdue the population despite their depraved policies.

Monday, 15th Novembre, back at the beach for an hour, writing this blog.

Today I bought new Aloha shirts at saver, and asked a good looking lady to Yey or Nay my shirt selection. No, No, Maybe, Yes, No, yes, yes, no. I bought 4 shirts for 31 dollars.
The bus took me past homeless tent settlements some photos came out good. Showing the decline of the disenfranchised, in the face of unparalleled boom in the absentee owners accounts. The solution? Transfer assets.

8pm Airport. Saw George Bush on Hannity talking about everyone in the whithouse exposed to botulism and he expecting the test-mice go feet-up. He again defender waterboarding "under medical supervision". One wonders what doctor would violate his hippocratic oath to supervise torture. And waht medical professional association would keep her/him as a member.
Bush was very smug and Hannity taylored the questions to the prefabricated answers. The whole show was to help Bush to sell his whitewash book. Condolezza Rice also gave a video message. A wonder that Tony Blair wasn't carted in as well. Bush said that torture "protected" England' too.
Wonderful to be protected like that. All CIA videos had been deleted, but no judge wanted to prosecute the destruction of evidence.

Time to go to the gate, and take my shoes off. We will be crossing the dateline, and Tuesday the 16th of November will never take place, I'll be landing Wednesday 17th 6am.

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