Monday, November 29, 2010

Ferry trip to the island

Awesome to be back again. I caught the ferry together with 50 school children and their four teachers and while many saw Avatar in the onboard cinema, i tried to chat up lovely Karen from Denmark, but got a frosty reception. "good luck with your dolphins". Later the dolphins came and provided a brilliant show, and the school girls were extatic.
I met Shane the ski-instructor in Colorado and Europe, he said the cheapest skiing is in India (lift charges, passes, rental skies etc). Talked to Jel (jelly) the bus driver about having a beach barbeque, and to the captain about the rich having to pay taxes and the neccesary govt regulation of (nearly all) industry.
Upon arrival I found that Karen was also being picked up by our host, and we will sleep in almost the same room. She thawed and we had the loveliest conversation and really got on well.
After a walk on the beach i am watching the sunset - while writing this - and I am enjoying the wildlife, geckos, birds and the incredible sunset view.
Time for dinner ... Fresh mussels and salad from the garden.
A perfect day.
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