Friday, December 24, 2010

Kiwistan, anchored in serenity bay

Amazing fact of the day.
In Denmark the "24/7 no-ads (!) childrens TV channel" shows someone sleeping and tossing and turning from 9pm onwards -- children get the message.

Dec 5th or so
Went to the hot springs, went snorkeling, summer relaxing. Watched the intl spacestation zoom overhead and some amazing sunsets (see picture link ).

On the tenth of December the french iPhone version of my Astronomical Pocket Diary 2010+2011, L'Agenda Astronomique, became available for sale online in the apple App Store.

Dec 14th or so
Wikileaks' revelations about the crimes of the empire and its constant lies and deceptions are not being publicised by our democracy watchdog, the media (TV, Radio, Print). They are all corporate owned and are the mouthpieces of the elites, who know that wikileaks' is uncovering the huge nefarious corruption of capitalism. My friend Mike watches the news every day, but wasn't able to name one revelation, like illegal cluster bombs allowed in UK,

Thought of the day.
All the world could be full of love (like hobbit Tom Bombadil), if it wasn't for business and profiteering, unregulated by the people's communities.

Went on a small sailing trip, pete makes the best donuts, and the mussles were tasty too. We are anchored in a small bay, diving for lobsters, nobody else around.

I managed to make 3 foto gallerie webpages. One "recent New Zealand" and two from my trip to Lithuania back in June, including a "Devil's Museum" page that show the awesome exhibits of devils, satans, demons, beelzebubs, fiends and mephistos in Kaunas.

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