Thursday, May 13, 2010

180 tons 234 passengers

Hello from 10972 meters above Iryan Jaya. We just overflew Papua New Guinea at mach 0.82, and still 3352 kilometers from our destination, Hong Kong. True airspeed is 902 km/h. I just educated the crew about (google: CURRENT ACCOUNT RANKING WIKI) (germany china japan = +200, UK= -200 and USA= -800). They were surprised to hear that germans get 3 years paid parental leave, and Helen Clark was only recently able to meet the ILO standard of 14 weeks. Anglo-america is more brutal on its citizens. The cantor fitzgerald commentator on monday's 9toNoon extolled the virtues of such vulgar capitalism and claimed that it was therefore able to react faster to financial crisis. Mike remarked that this would be true in that Angloamerica can crash faster. The greece thing is a ruse to deflect from the impending collapse of the british pound (guns and butter 20100505-Wed1300.mp3).
Still 3137km to go.
I watched STATE OF PLAY again. A recommendable movie. Then I checked out the magnificent palylist of New Zealand music, chill-out grooves and kiwi-fm selection. Truely great music.
We will reach the Philippines soon.
The captain is reving up the engine, turbulence is getting worse, I'm drinking green tea. Now at 11582 metres altitude, heading 318 degrees, distance to go 2981km.
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