Sunday, February 13, 2011

Auckland january/feb 2011

Warm summer days, very comfortable climate, sunshine, wonderful cloud formations, stars and brilliant light. I love the bright light, clear air and almost kitsch colour combinations.

Went to rohan whelans's whammy winebar (he is on a russian poster, local elections), to see "The Bilders" a classic kiwi music flying nun Bill Direen thing. The opening act was a indie balad trio,
Bill is joined on stage by ricky and the poetic songs are marvellous. Subtitles is what i want.

Amerixa is the first song after the other band members were called on stage. Especially Stuart had to be page-ed.
Stui also made a recording with his zoom-digital audio recorder to preserve this kiwiana for posterity.
Nothing exciting so far in february. I drink tea and wait. World news is good for a change. The people are speaking and the illegitimate governments keep quiet, they live in fear. The empire is sidelined. American convergence - the conquering of ALL infrastructure - unimpeded. Bio, (life-sciene), telecommunication, tv and media, military and space, transport and minerals, fishing and agriculture ... they all depend on each other and the "total spectrum dominance" of the US private military and intelligence corporations is far advanced.

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