Monday, November 29, 2010

Ferry trip to the island

Awesome to be back again. I caught the ferry together with 50 school children and their four teachers and while many saw Avatar in the onboard cinema, i tried to chat up lovely Karen from Denmark, but got a frosty reception. "good luck with your dolphins". Later the dolphins came and provided a brilliant show, and the school girls were extatic.
I met Shane the ski-instructor in Colorado and Europe, he said the cheapest skiing is in India (lift charges, passes, rental skies etc). Talked to Jel (jelly) the bus driver about having a beach barbeque, and to the captain about the rich having to pay taxes and the neccesary govt regulation of (nearly all) industry.
Upon arrival I found that Karen was also being picked up by our host, and we will sleep in almost the same room. She thawed and we had the loveliest conversation and really got on well.
After a walk on the beach i am watching the sunset - while writing this - and I am enjoying the wildlife, geckos, birds and the incredible sunset view.
Time for dinner ... Fresh mussels and salad from the garden.
A perfect day.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Transition Town News NEW ZEALAND

radio new zealand IDEAS info

The Bank of Real Solutions is a web-based initiative that aims to share the stories of grassroots projects around New Zealand that are helping their communities become more resilient, vibrant, healthier, happier, and better connected.

Ideas talks to the website's coordinator, Laurence Boomert; a Whanganui couple whose Stone Soup project, inspired by a fairy tale, is bringing a community together; visits Whanganui's Green Bikes recycling scheme and the nearby Castlecliff conservation project, and hears about Lyttelton's Time Bank and the part it played in helping the town deal with the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

mp3 LISTEN download

Bank of Real Solutions

Lyttelton Time Bank

Monetary Reform - by Tom Greco March 19, 2004


The Need for Monetary Reform and the Status of the Movement

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. March 19, 2004

What is Needed to Solve the Problem?

The denationalization of money, the separation of money and state is urgently needed.


You can download spirit of money from EMULE!!
The Spirit of Money - Documentary Download

Community Currencies Conference 2009 in Wanganui.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waikiki Sidewalk astronomy

Waikiki Beach sidewalk astronomer Carey S. Johnson 808 2161410 told me jupiter is only 30 something minutes away, and its Moons were named after his (Zeus') sex-partners including Ganymed, the biggest Moon, bigger than Mercury, who was a male.
Zeus buggered boys, the Gallilean moon (medici stars) bear witness.
At 10pm when I walked home, the whole of Waikiki beach had already shut down. Weird. The most comfortable climate for partying was dead quiet (except for jowling police sirenes).
The Us feels a bit like Sudan, where the false morals are held in high regards, a religious empire, a surveillance state with everyone living in fear, like Iran, good for the rulers because they can subdue the population despite their depraved policies.

Monday, 15th Novembre, back at the beach for an hour, writing this blog.

Today I bought new Aloha shirts at saver, and asked a good looking lady to Yey or Nay my shirt selection. No, No, Maybe, Yes, No, yes, yes, no. I bought 4 shirts for 31 dollars.
The bus took me past homeless tent settlements some photos came out good. Showing the decline of the disenfranchised, in the face of unparalleled boom in the absentee owners accounts. The solution? Transfer assets.

8pm Airport. Saw George Bush on Hannity talking about everyone in the whithouse exposed to botulism and he expecting the test-mice go feet-up. He again defender waterboarding "under medical supervision". One wonders what doctor would violate his hippocratic oath to supervise torture. And waht medical professional association would keep her/him as a member.
Bush was very smug and Hannity taylored the questions to the prefabricated answers. The whole show was to help Bush to sell his whitewash book. Condolezza Rice also gave a video message. A wonder that Tony Blair wasn't carted in as well. Bush said that torture "protected" England' too.
Wonderful to be protected like that. All CIA videos had been deleted, but no judge wanted to prosecute the destruction of evidence.

Time to go to the gate, and take my shoes off. We will be crossing the dateline, and Tuesday the 16th of November will never take place, I'll be landing Wednesday 17th 6am.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Waikiki beach evergreen

So there. Saturday on a beach between the Sheraton and the Halekulani, view toward Diamond Head, the volcanic cone/crater. A 35y old smart looking Russian guy is discussing drug deals on his mobile phone, some middle aged men reading silly fiction books, old ladies looking around dissatisfied. Only young girls seem to have fun, ostensibly.
Drugs could be tempting here, apparently half of US Americas middle aged women are constantly stoned. I feel like a good german cold one, St. Pauli Girl, hmm.

I filmed the sunset in a 30 minute uninterrupted take, by placing the camera on a rubbish bin. The conversations to tell people not to touch the bin - leave their garbage with me instead of risking to shake the camera picture - were priceless. I saw a bearded guy - who I remembered from last year as a fervent christian - begging for one-dollar notes, so I waived him over and said: "i give you a dollar if you are an atheist". He smelled a rat, and i did not test his faith and gave him a dollar which I now regret. Another guy was checking bins for deposit bottles 5 cent a piece, i gave him a dollar, and he was wrapped, thanked me profusely.
USA poverty and submissiveness. In germany the guy would get 35 US cents deposit for coke cans and plastic water bottles, 12 cent for beer bottles, but would probably be drinking a 45 cent bottle of beer (again with 35c deposit) while relaxing.

Sunday, 14 November. The apartments one floor below are treated against the United States bed-bugs epidemic, but the smell is coming in through the power-cable ducts, so the beach it is.
Helicopters, power-boats, jets of all sizes plus loud child amonishing "Jiles, time out".
Yesterday evening still runs through my mind. Andres, the superb argentinian star-performer did 17 stunts and earned 60 dollars from that. On a Saturday night!
And he said that next year the city of honolulu will close off the pedestrian sidewalk with flower-beds so that Kalakaua Ave street performers will be a thing of the past.
Maybe they will run out of money? There it is, the hope that things become better by the empire running out of money. The fallacy until now has been that the USA can ever run out of cash, because the "consumer of the last resort" was able to print all the money it likes, whenever it likes, because the IMF and World-Bank are in Washington, and the world can buy OIL only in US dollars.
There are noises that this might be changing, because the world is no longer willing to lend the USA their hard currency. And when oil runs out, who will want to sell the remaining oil for inflationary US dollars? Well, they maybe forced to at US gunpoint.

Voltaire's Panglos would say that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and everything was made so that it works perfectly for us.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

google knows Hawaii best

Amazing, today i planned a journey with goolge maps, transport mode = bus, and it gave me a connection to the 85 express bus on corner of alakea and sourh hotel streets. We got there one minute late, and the busdriver then didn't know about a Nr 85 bus stopping there. The busstop sign also did not list 85, so he said take the 65. I thought I had transcribed wrongly and stepped into the 65 bus, putting my transfer ticket in the waste-paper bag, asked again, and WOW, the driver insisted I take the 56 bus.
God-damn, have to pay 2 dollars fifty again.
Nevertheless, the 85 bus arrives, as predicted by google!! 12 minutes late according to it satellite navigation routeplanner, and I did have to pay again.

I am going to a planetarium show, "The ancient skies of the secret Maya calendar", and - yes - one must expect the 2012 doom armageddon rapture nuclear war with china questions.
Lets see if they care for my astro prophecy handbook and someone buys one.
Writing this in the incredibliy noisy bus, it feels like inside the refridgerated engine room of a small u-boat that is battered around by a vicious seas.
Around me there are some brown skinned and pretty, braces wearing teenagers, talking loudly (they have to) non-stop. Girly topics, psycho.

We transversed under the mountains of the island of oahu and are greeted with a night view of Los Angeles. I thought Kaneohe would be small and rural, but WELCOME TO A 21ST CENTURY URBAN SPRAWL, nature modified into suburbia.

The planetarium was nice, and I met two princesses, one from Turkey and Rebecca from Finland who were willing to hear my simple wisdoms.

At the "box office" people  - who arrived in huge new cars and looked well-to-do - were engaging in haggeling and duplicitous talk in order to "save" a single dollar (student, pensioner superannuation, disabled concession).  As if the small school-planetarium needed no support.

Joe the projectionist briefly showed some awesome simulations around the rings of Saturn, demonstrating that the rings' material is courser in the centre rings because sunlight makes them brighter as the light reflects (from the sun above) and darker from underneath (sun more blocked), whereas the innermost and outermost rings (made from finer particles, dust) are brighter seen from underneath, and darker seen from atop.

The Maya show was a stupid retelling of their creatiom myth, and although it was paid for by the National Science Foundation and produced by the Chabot it was almost anti-scientific and even short on Maya folklore. Clearly made for USA soft-brain audiences, with a narration like tranquilizer advertisement, it even omitted the human sacrifices of ripping out still beating hearts of virgins in honour of the Venusian and solar gods. Probably to keep the feeling that religious superstitions are nice and beneficial ... And avoid the bloody and corrupt history of all human religious terror. The astronomy was very bad and the graphics were dizzying and childishly overdone. Stll, the night-skies and mayan temples looked good, despite a serious misalignment of the projectors. The actual science dataset shine through.

Even the best night-sky in a planetarium is still just a comic version of the real thing under the dark skies of New Zealand.
There are no star-signs anymore when the milky-way is illuminating the ground, and the Magellanic Clouds are overhead.

Joe is a good man, he swapped a diary for free entry and I even saw the show twice.
After a heavy rain shower (it stopped quickly, tropics) i found a bus stop next to a hell-on-earth motorway, walked another mile or two to Kaneohe passing by half a dozen screaming-siren police cars attending a crime scene with drunken youth (i was told to move on) to a crowded bus stop where an old man told me that "everybody eventually ends up here" to which I said "so, this is the end of the world".
We both smirked at the apocalyptic humour, surrounded by teenagers, what a life. Dangerous, it seemed, as a evil looking policeman in his unmarked car drove past, inspecting us, giving us the evil eye.
Then the exactly correct bus arrived, something google had not predicted.
A t-shirt of a young tall male bus passenger said; CONFIDENCE ... The feeling you have before you fully grasp the situation.

Made me think of the USA and the end of oil.

Car traffic is on biblical proportions, three, four-lane highways are bumper to bumper, all evening. The roar of 8 cylinder SUVs can be heard for miles.
Peak oil has happened, but the panglosian dimwits have a cognitive map they follow, ignoring all evidence. (what?)

Meanwhile VoA news says that the UN calls on all remaining nations to ratify the anti-corruption treaty, so i found the UN official website and here are the non-ratifiers: Barbados, Saudi-Arabia, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Cote d'Ivoire, Sudan .... (but, for a change, NOT the US and Israel!)

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hawaii honolulu magic impressions

Really depressing. This is the overall impression, and not motivational to write travel blogs at all.

But here we go.

The slave culture produces some outstanding artists. There is sharp competition in the niches of repectability of a depressed society. The slaves are many, and the tales of the rich and famous keep everybody unhappy with desire. Demeaning jobs like shopping-bag carrier need to be filled until robots can do those jobs. Education is only useful if one becomes part of a large locust corporation.

Yesterday evening, on Kalakaua Ave, shopping mile, glitz and tourist trap there was some first rate free entertainment. Magicians Andres from Argentina, Kekoa for Los Angeles and MagicSteve from Louisiana were totally marvellous.

Waikiki street artists - drummer - child seducers - Basketball Man
Drum drum, drummer on plastic buckets, cow bell and bottle --christian child brainwash-seducers of pentecostal missionary church of christ 4th watch sect of honolulu -- Basketball Man who performs almost nightly on the strip along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki near the International Marketplace.


Waikiki street magician ANDRES and KEKOA
Funny and totally astounding card illusions - Kekoa from Los Angeles very magical trickery, very capable conjurer!!!

Andreas made full size Cdroms disappear in mid air, Kekoa's card trick where here "printed" the correct card after it was magicaly changed inside the half translucent sleeve WHILE WE WERE WATCHING, JUST LIKE THE NAPLES BLOOD MIRACLE (San Gennaro) ... Shockingly magnificent. Steve's shoe made the correct card float in the air, UNBELIEVABLE!  Magic Steve's superb mastery of coins, cards and beautiful women's and children's psychology was fantastic.

They all knew Seth, my favourite card illusionist from last year. Also the basket ball man has a similar study/training/rehearsal time. A real accomplishment.

Otherwise, Honolulu is worse than ever. The noise is hellish, the people are stereotypes, down to the mental cases, who are smart enough not to cause violence, otherwise they'd be incarcerated for life. Infernal Harley-Davidson combustion exhaust noise every 5 minutes ... huge diesel engines and massive traffic on pot-holed roads, this our 24 hour, 365 days soundtrack.
Swimming in waikiki beach's murky water is nice, but one is so alone, life in the USA is so boring. 

Yesterday in the rattling bus there was a stundent reading a boulevard-page in the time magazine. It took him 20 minutes to read one page.
The "revolution-books" shop had three people working amongst socialist and marxist literature, and all three were adamant that the september eleven events were done by arabs from afghanistan. Holy cow!
"disciplined by debt" and "high carbom lifestyle" and "learned helplessness" come to mind.
The TV is constantly talking about the WAR, military, freedom, loved ones, honour, service and terror. Brainwashing round the clock. DemocracyNow is on channel 54 at 7am, and that gives a better picture of the current news and affairs. On all other channels original thought is drummed away. Marching to the ever-repeated and cleverly spun doctrines. How amazing that everyone watches FOX news, the corporate whore and finance-empire's propaganda distributor.
Amongst a barrage of spooky howling police sirens, i escape to the beach and read my book. I count six low-flyimg surveillance helivoptrts, a dozen jet takeoffs in the didtance, and the constant diesel drone from the huge tourist boat that moores at the Hilton-pier that dissects the beach. I finished the book, went back to the apartment where the combustion barney of refridgeration trucks and harley davidsons was mind-numbing. You can still hear it all with earplugs .

Next evening, on Moana Terrace some serene pacific (peaceful) songs soothe the synapses for a while. Divine hawaiian music, relaxed and full of aloha oe.

Tags keywords
"street artist" "street performer" "street magician" magicians magic show illusionist zauberkuenstler magier strassenkuenstler zauberer magique illusioniste

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ancestor search SUCHE VORFAHREN

(please email   ahnen {at}   please email  ancestor {at}  THANKS)

Gesucht werden HEINRITZ Vorfahren!!!
SEARCHING FOR BENEDIKT 1881 (please help)
kuk k.u.k oesterreich ungarn embassy official in Berlin in 1881

who made a child JOHANNA with Maria Heinritz

Auf der Suche nach meinen Vorfahren,
versuche ich meinen Ur-Urgrossvater BENEDIKT (GRAF? Benedict? Benedicti?)
zu finden, der im Jahre 1881 in der Botschaft in Berlin gearbeitet hat.

I am trying to find my 
great-great-grandfather BENEDIKT (COUNT? Benedict? Benedicti?)
who would have been an
hungarian official in connection with the Berlin (embassy?)  in 1881.

Albin Roelz
(Hermann Albin Roelz)
born Geboren am 3. Februar 1880 - Weischlitz Vogtland
Getauft - ev. lutherisch
Verstorben am 17. Dezember 1954 - in Plauen (eingeaeschert) an Alterschwaeche
Alter: 74 Jahre alt

Verheiratet am 7. März 1903 mit Johanna Heinritz 1882

Kinder *children*
Kurt Alwin Rölz 1900-1963
Erna Schulze -
Johanna Beer ca 1910-ca 1953
Erich +
Rudi +ca 1948

Johanna Heinritz
Geboren am 3. Februar 1882 - Hof Bayern

JOHANNA verheiratet am 7. März 1903 mit Albin Roelz 1880-1954, mit
Kurt Alwin Rölz 1900-1963
Erna Schulze -
Johanna Beer ca 1910-ca 1953
Erich +
Rudi +ca 1948

Ihre Eltern

Benedikt Benedicti
Maria Heinritz  geboren vor 1870

JOHANNA ROELZ Werner schreibt: Grossmutter vaterseite war johanna heinritz ein uneheliches kind was bei heinritz aufgewachsen spaeter mit alvin roelz verheiratet..

Johanna Heinritz (meine URGROSSMUTTER) 1882 ihr vater war ein diplomat (war ein Ungar, sprach deutsch) der in berlin gerbeitet (ungarische Botschaft in Berlin ca1880), der ist manchmal nach ungarn gereist, durch plauen kommend. Angestellte von Hotel, Gasthof, Maria Heinritz geschwaengert.

Maria Heinritz
Geboren vor 1870
In einer Beziehung mit Benedikt Benedicti benedict - nicht verheiratet,
spaeter? verheiratet mit Richard, Teodor Kaden 1854

KADEN kam aus Marienburg? Chemnitz? 
eventuell verwandt:

Als erster Stipendiat wurde Ostern 1849 Moritz Theodor Kaden aus Marienberg bedacht. Dieser ging ein Jahr später als Konstrukteur in die Maschinenfabrik Schwalbe & Sohn in Chemnitz .. 1854 wurden die Gewerbschulen in Plauen und Zittau aufgelöst. Teile der Plauener Lehrmittel, ...

stichworte keywords tags
ahnen ahnenforschung stammbaum forebears genes genpool ancestor ancestros ancestry abstammung herkunft ancestral vorfahren forefathers vorvaeter vaeterlicherseits muetterlicherseits familiy tree familien baum 

(bitte emailen   ahnen {at}   please email  ancestor {at}  THANKS)

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Melancholie in der Suedsee

Nachtrag Fritz Vincken Baecker. Er zog nach Oregon, wohin seine Tochter heirate, dort ist er dort gestorben. Danacch uebernahm ein Italiener die Baekerei, ging nicht gut, jetzt zugenagelt, und Vinckens Schild mitm Schweissbrenner runtergeholt.
Fritz arbeitete zuerst in Canada, dann als Konditor in einem Hotel auf Hawaii, bis er dann den Laden in Dillingham blvd aufmachte. Schon sein Vater hatte ne Baeckerei, in der Ros strasse
Fritz sein Brot hamse sogar im "exchange" (militaer laden, steuerfrei) verkauft.

Es regnet leicht und oft, und immer mehr Menschen schlafen im Park unter Plastik,
Die Luxushotels haben nur wenig business aber noch genug um hawaiian bands zu kaufen.

Ich hoere gerade radio ecoshock, ueber panglos (voltaire Kandid), matrix, Transition Town (macht eine auf!), ueber VERDRAENGER des nahen Ende des Oelzeitalters.

Wenn es doch bald so weit waere. Der Laerm der Dieselmotoren ist unmenschlich.

Ich bin kein Panglos, ich befuerchte, dass das Oel noch lange reicht, und die Wasserkohlenstoff Logik des "Teile und Herrsche" erstmal bleibt.
Dabei waere kooperation so einfach. Computer sind ideal um komplizierte Wuensche zu koordinieren.
Das Problem der vielen dummen Mitmendchen wuerde sich auch von allein loesen, denn im kooperativen, persoenlichem Kontakt wird man automatisch mit Lesestoff un Hoerbuechern ausgestattet.

Aber was macht man mit vereinsamten FOX-News-guckern, die sich weigern die informativen Radiosender zu hoeren?
Die werden von der "F*cks News" Gehirnwaesche Beratungsresistent gemacht. Die glauben einfach nicht, dass sie ein Haufen stinkenden, billigen Mist gucken, wo doch alles so professionell und perfekt aussieht.

Wenn die Wahrheit schlecht angezogen ist, trifft sie dennoch ein.

Guess who is coming for dinner, Nutty Dreadlock.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

COMET HARTLEY 2 -- amazing NASA image

The EPOX spacecraft has made some cool photos


NASA's Deep Impact (EPOXI) probe has just completed its 435 mile flyby of Comet Hartley 2's nucleus. The spacecraft has turned its high-gain antenna toward Earth and data are being transmitted to mission control at JPL. The first raw images have just arrived and, even without processing, they are spectacular

In recent years, international spacecraft have buzzed the cores of four comets: Halley, Tempel 1, Borrelly and Wild 2. Deep Impact even blew a hole in one of them (Tempel 1) to see what was beneath the surface. Those previous flybys, however, may not have prepared researchers for the comet at hand.

"Comet Hartley 2 is smaller yet much more active than the others," explains A'Hearn. "Although its core is only 2 km wide—about a third the size of Tempel 1—it is spewing five times more gas and dust."

earth gravity assist path to komet

The comet has already shocked the science team by producing a massive surge of CN, the cyanogen radical commonly known as "cyanide." Cyanide itself wasn't the surprise; CN is a common ingredient of comet cores. Rather, it was the size and purity of the outburst that has researchers puzzled.

"The abundance of CN in the comet's atmosphere jumped by a factor of five over an eight day period in September—that's huge," says A'Hearn. "Curiously, however, there was no corresponding increase in dust."

This flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Comet cores are thought to be a mish-mash of volatile ices, rock, and dust particles, generally well mixed. When the ice evaporates to produce a jet of gas, dust naturally comes along for the ride. Yet this outburst was pure gas.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SFO airport, Flight to Honolulu

The United States of ugly people. One can't say germany is a model there, but US (un-) culture takes personal attire to new depths. But it doesn't matter. Freedom to be dressed by walmart, body-shaped by McDonalds and educated by Fox News. Incredible corporate guidance of society.
Inside the grubby and old Being 767-300 to Pearl Harbor the stewardess proudly announces thar the beverages are all made by coca-cola, I kid you not.
The take-off from SFO was pretty. The airport itself is big and has perpendicular crossing over runways. The ocean was covered by extremely low clouds (or fog?) that formed nice patterns. The airpollution layer was well visible amongst the red dusk spectacular.
There is shocking "food" for sale, a turkey sandwich for 8.99 usd. That's all that is available for a 5 hour flight.
Fondly I remember Mueller Milchreis mit Zimt abd the pasta from Lufthansa.

A welcome surprise for people who use their brains wa the "Halfway to Hawaii Game", at what Honolulu time do we reach the half way point?
The old hack captain gave us the numbers as follows:
Take-off was at 15h07, total distance is 2184nm, total flight time is 5h04m, with 477nm/hr. Headwind for the first half of the way at 27nm and 19nm thereafter.
My first estimate simply based on total flight time halved and an estimated correction for the harder headwind towards the halfway point came to about 17h40. My second attempt calculated the half distance 1092 nautical miles with a flight speed of 477-27=450 to be 2.4266 hours, plus half of the difference between actual flight time and the missing minutes - for takeoff and landing speed reduction, 0.255 / 2 = 0.1275. Came to 2.5541 or 2h33m15s added to departure time = 17h40m15s.
Which can't be correct ... Because the headwind difference is just under t per cent, and that would be on the order of 3 minutes. OK so I recalculated it on percentage of speed change against 5h04 flight time, 1.76 per cent shift came to 17h44m21s and I entered that into the competition and I wasn't even close. 17h39m21 was the winner.

Arrival in HNL. Airport and bus trip to Waikiki.

Arrival in the former paradise island of Oahu is to face abominations in concrete and noisy diesel engines whereever you turn. It seems that even in recession-USA, the machines consuming vast amounts of energy are not shut down. If oil would run out it would be a blessing.
9pm The bus headlighrs briefly shine on people sleeping on the middle of pavement and at bus shelters and in doorways. Lots of them,
The road surfaces are broken, the rattling noise is infernal. Bus prices have tripled in just a few years, now a single trip is 2.50, a one-month pass is 60 dollars. Open Wifi access points can still be found.
T-shirt weather, sunrise in one hour,

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Rocking Tamil Style over the US of Angst.

It is 7pm in Germany and we are 3 hours away from reaching the empire.
We passed Flin Flon, approaching Saskatoon and I am reminded of Manifestoon, a must-see on youtube.
There is no snow in the landscape below. Cloudless sunshine over The Pas, Bangor, Milot, Bismarck, Great Falls, Fargo, Spokane and Glendive, locations identified for me on the GPS map that dispalys our progress towards the country where people believe that Allah/God/Jahwe created the earth 6000 years ago, complete with buried dinosaur bones, just to fool the natives.
Midterm elections are in progress, and people vote on their rulers, but cannot identify what actual issues there selected candidates stand for. Except the Tea Party, which I believe is a creation of the PR industry and Mellon Scaife types.
They stand for the teaching the religious doctrine of "intelligent design" in public schools, and by tomorrow we will know how many US citizens fall for this.
As we fly past Moose Jaw, Lethbridge and Glasgow at 883 km/h, 38000 feet or 11582 meters, breakfast is made, listening to very inventive Tamil Nadu pop music, using celtic music, hard rock guitar, synthesizer and flamenco styles, wonderful free musical spirits (playlist ch22 -at-
We lost 43 km/h speed as we turned more eastly approaching Havre, Butte and Boise (now 840 kmh) maybe we left the jet stream.
At 12:37 california time we are passing overhead of Anaconda, east of the Blue Mountains, Montana, 833 km per hour over ground (516 miles p hr), 1h 29 minutes til touchdown. The Tamil Music is nuts. VERY entertaining, synphonic, racy, raunchy, high-tech, tabla, meditative, mushy (schnulzig) and well composed. Great recording studio work, awesome, funky, Tamil parties must have a lot of dancing going on.
We are over Idaho now. Oh my goddess.

Landing in SFO was stunningly perfect. USA airports aren't busy these days. The weather was pictureperfect, blue skies and - when I finally made it outside - warm, almost hot sunshine.

Immigration (not homeland security but us customs) was as expected. They took a photo of me, and scanned EVERY FINGER and typed my answers to work, income and motivation questions straight into Big Brother's computer.

ENJOY FREE WIFI at sfo airport

Except it doesn't work. A chinese person next to me laughs when I asked if he got a connection. In Hong Kong there is free wifi on public busses.

Orwellian loudspeaker announcement "Homeland Security Threat level orange bla bla at all times".

The capitalist Reich Sicherheit is paramount, Will we ever see it go down to yellow?

I asked the supervisor of the private mercenary company that work behind a desk with a huge STATE seal. He didn't know the colours of the threat level, neither did any of my fellow men in the cUe, waiting to take our shoes off for scanning.
We all agreed that RED is higher, most agreed on orange being the second highest, and t people preumed that yellow is the next lower one, and one person actually remembered it being yellow. But the colours below? We were all guessing, blue, green, pastell colors.
I have a feeling that orange might be the middle one, and there is a top level of "throbbing vein purple".

The private security company guard also explained that they get 2 weeks paid vacation after they have worked for a number of years, and, surprise, they all belonged to a union.
Paid parental leave, he thought was two weeks, a executive looking guy in the queue said 12 weeks. The binding International Labour Organisation ILO standard for all countries is 14 weeks.

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Train journey FRANKFURT SFO flight

I used up my spare change of 6.81 euro with the taxi to the Main Trainstation, perfectly. I asked the driver stop at the exact fare, which was 100 metres from the destination, but he just turned off the meter, and took me the last bit.
The train was already there, I was 20 minutes early. The noises inside a empty german train at 3 am were spooky. Pumps clicking, the whole carriage shaking, a technotronic animated saurus. I had just seen the movie INCEPTION and watched the platform clock's second-hand stopping for about 4 seconds on rhe top of every minute, in sync with a curious one-seconds interval noise inside the train - occasional rumblings and shakes. Spoooo - kkkyyy.
The twisted-mustache ticket controller told me about his friend Finken the german baker in Hawaii and the 28 hours flight time. Wow, he went to school with Finken, and he has a daughter near Detroit. I told him Finken had died in Canada, but he didn't react. We agreed that the US heelth system might have killed our baker, his daughter's kid's dentist costs 150 dollars a visit, I forgot to mention to watch SiCKO and The Yes Men Fix Thr World.
The train is slowly filling up, 3:45 a.m., Moenchengladbach, blah blah. As usual, like brand new airport, everything works and built to last a thousand years, a typical german airport.
Nice flight with a 737-300; beautiful industrial-pollution dawn above the clouds, landing in the dark again.
Frankfurt airport is SOMETHING else. It is huuuugge. To slaughter some time (like the heathen it is) I went to see the superstitious beliefs of the local savages, the airport synagoge, orthodox and other christian sect's (catholic, lutheran) prayer rooms, as well as the mosque with a curtain-separated women's area.
The christians gave me water and we had a chat about how nice it is to have the various gods, right next door to each other. I told them I am flying to Hawaii, and the elder lady asked me if I knew about the earthquake. She confused Haiti, and I reminded her of the next door neighbor christian nation which allows cholera to reign. The shame of hypocrisy was palpable, her boss volunteered that the local rulers always waste all aid. ... I did not mention Aristide and just said good bye.

I found some acceptable reading material, mainstream corporate-whore media.
Der Spiegel magazine had some sensationalist but readable, journalistically inadequate/censored articles - that gave few factual details and lots of human-interest angles, yet weren't outright propaganda - about mass murderers, Charles Taylor and Ariel Sharon (who comatosed on 4. January 2006). Heavy tobacco smokers become demented (Archives of Internal Medicine), methicillin resistant staphylococcus-aureus infections (hospital bugs, portugal, spain, italy, greece, but not finland) and the terrific art-fakery scandal around Campendonk and a Flechtheim collection.
On 25 October Night Nurse Gregory Isaacs died of lung cancer in London, aged 59.
Time to board the 25year old 747-400 to San Francisco, in the police-state 9/11 terrorist military/corporate/spy-state
Nation that Der Spiegel title page calls:
The united states of dispair, with reference to the debt crisis that uncannily INCREASED under Obama.
We are flying between Bergen and the Shetland Isles, over what the german map annotation calls the "european northern sea" and in english is shown as the "Norwegian Sea".
Food is edible (tasty red cabbage with yummy but tiny dumpling with lovely spiced dog-food beef), a rubbery brealroll, nice german butter and a very agreeable wedge of camenbert.
The crew is great, almost as wonderful as Air New Zealand's.
The headphone music selection is large, but airNZ is unbeatable. Lufthansa has nothing modern, except for some very well produced and intersting Tamil pop hits on channel 22, presented by Subra (or Sura). Many channels have recurring, annoying audio drop-outs, and there is no talk-only programme, apart from a boring children's story one.

Greenland, Canada, Baffin Bay, Fox Basin, Hudson Bay at 36000 feet, 560 miles per hour, 350 tons take-off weight, burning 90 tons of kerosene jet fuel in 11hours.
About as much per person/passenger than heating a home in germany for a month or two. The aeroplane engines have a much cleaner combustion and help cool the earth with sunlight-reflecting vapour trails.
Calgary, Vancouver Portland, Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Lake Athatbascall receive a bit of the exhaust of my winter heating effort, I am going to new zealand where my electric power consumption is non-nuclear and from 50 per cent renewable, hydro-power generation.
En route I visit a military state that spend more on secret spy agencies than education, more on weapons than the rest of the planet combined and where millions are im jail and many more millions dependent on food-stamps.

The was an announcement of a new regulation by the US government.
It is now forbidden to stand in groups inside the airplane.

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Kolln ruhrgebiet


Yey! I was treated to a night out.
Theater "die Indianer vom Revier" with Sigi Dohmke, Silke Volkner, Axel Schoennenberg, Martin Zaik, Ute Schuetgens,in the Mondpalast in Herne
The technical term for this kind of theatre/cabaret is "Revierfolklore". There was a anticapitalist theme, the Internationale was sung loudly, and some of the audience used the opportunity to sing the revolution evergreen at the top of their lungs. A real highlight.
The story is as old and up-to-date as communism, Marx and feudalism version 2.0 .. Foreign finance-empires take over state assets, subsify fraud, PR lies amd irresponsible management. If you want to see a fantastic film of the same genre, check out "Fierce Creatures" with John Cleese and the Fish called Wanda crew.


A lovely walk through beautiful autumn colours, many citizens were out for a walk im the sunshine.
The tram-ride was different in that the tram itself was very quiet and the passengers were talking profusely.
A nice walk from Heumarkt to the main traain station.
Cologne offers a free entry into the museum ludwig on every first thursday every month, as long as you can borrow am id that identifies you as living in cologne.
The 1560 construction stop of cologne cathredral was caused by a change to currency that could be hoarded. An "interesting theory", but the Dom info office history department women were more interested in their jobs than in the truth and declined to follow it up by email or otherwise. Check the "Dioezesanbibliothek", ho hum.

Finally! At last! A train that was packed and late! There wasn't even standing room in second class, so decision was made for this blog author to sit down in first class and enjoy the view from a quiet compartment and a wide seat, onto the smoky airpollution particulate matter over industrial heartland of the rhineland.
Two young people enter my area and I tell them to resign to first class and have a seat (and for total cheekiness I added that they should stop smacking "schmatzen" with their chewing gum "kaugummi", because in first class that is really inappropriate ;-).
They stopped the animalic munching noise and sat down on the armrests (!) -- instead of the seats.

You know why there can never be a revolution in Germany? Because that would mean that people will have to step om the lawn.
These two don't want to be caught (he knew it to cost 40 euros) by a ticket controller who might be levitating over the heads of the jampacked 2nd class in order to fine them for class fraud.

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