Monday, August 30, 2010


PAKISTAN FLOOD donations, please visit this website and see what you can do:

Flood? It is really bad.  Have a look at this series of photos, from which the selection below is extracted:

A man marooned by flood waters, alongside his livestock, waves towards an Army helicopter for relief handouts in the Rajanpur district of Pakistan's Punjab province on August 9, 2010. (REUTERS/Stringer) – their © all rights reserved Nadia, who does not know her age, sits alongside siblings after they were rescued from rising floodwaters in Baseera, a village located in the Muzaffargarh district of Pakistan's Punjab province, August 10, 2010. (REUTERS/Adrees Latif) – their © all rights reserved
A man wades through flood waters towards a naval boat while evacuating his children in Sukkur, located in Pakistan's Sindh province August 8, 2010. (REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro) # – their © all rights reserved Youths affected by floods walk outside the ruins of their home which was washed away by heavy floods in Charsadda, northwest Pakistan, Monday, Aug. 9, 2010. (AP Photo/B.K. Bangash) # – their © all rights reserved

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Christmas Song in Lithuanian (kaunas)

The song is about bad christmas, someone stole all the presents, Santa Claus lost his beard, bad fairies cooked the rabbit ....
Live recording on 20 august 2010.
Do be sad that there is no snow todaz, because the gypsies stole the snow queen. Don't be sad the you can't hear the bells of the christmas deers, because some uncle mad his trousers from their fur. Don't cry little girl if there are no christmas bells, because you can always use the drum. THANKS TO LIU for the words and the love. SAome cool New Zealand photos are here:
ngauruhoe_2 ... ngauruhoe ... karamea ... gbi ... westcoast ... womad1999a... gbi_wellington... hauturu_6 ... wgtn3-botanic ... and MANY more HERE.
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Friday, August 27, 2010



I want to make old harddrives of reasonable size (20gig or more) USABLE AGAIN.

Since a nice windows XP version ( "stripped to the bone edition") is sufficient for an "internet surfing" machine and there are more old computers than know what to do with...

I am looking for a tool that

- works under DOS (or Linux preferably knoppix)
- and tests a HardDrive
- and marks sectors as BAD (**PLUS** neighboring sectors)

like so:

it goes through a freshly formatted partition FAT32
**AND 50 NEIGHBOURING sectors** with a file

in order to avoid windows using this area of the Hard Drive.


I don't care if the drive looses a gigabyte or three.
As long as it works FAST and TROUBLE FREE.

Yes, I know, this can not be quaranteed, and YES I KNOW that HDDs - once having developed badsectors - will go worse.

YES, I still want to work with "bad " drives.. I have quite a few of them.
YES, I have time to monitor and play. I have more time than money.


Here the results of my google-ing

"ADRC Data Recovery Tools
To reduce the number of tedious retries, whenever a bad sector is encountered, the program will intelligently search the neighboring sectors to determine the extent of bad blocks and mathematically calculate the number of retires needed."

My ideal tools does not "calculate" it simply GERNEROUSLY marks sektors as bad,

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paracetamol and Asthma link

the use of paracetamol for fever in the first year of life was associated with an increase in the incidence of asthmatic symptoms at 6.7 years, and that paracetamol use, both in the first year of life and in children aged 6.7 years, was associated with an increased incidence of rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema. The authors acknowledged that their "findings might have been due to confounding by indication", i.e. that the association may not be causal but rather due to the disease being treated with paracetamol, and emphasized that further research was needed.

14 August 2010

A new study suggests that children who take paracetamol frequently are more than twice as likely to have asthma.

The study looked at the paracetamol use of more than 300,000 13 and 14 year olds from over 50 different countries.

Professor Richard Beasley, who led the study, says children who took paracetamol at least once a month within the previous year had an increased risk of asthma.

He says the study also suggests people are in the habit of taking it for trivial symptoms.

Professor Beasley says parents should still give their children paracetamol, as it's safer than aspirin and ibuprofen, but should reserve its use for significant fever or discomfort.

Link between paracetamol, asthma incidence queried

Monday, 16 August 2010, 3:54 pm

Press Release: New Zealand Self-Medication Industry

Parents reassured: direct causal link between paracetamol and asthma incidence queried

The New Zealand Self Medication Industry (NZSMI), the industry body representing non-prescription consumer healthcare products, says it is aware of recent media reports of new research (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood) suggesting a possible link between frequent paracetamol use in children and asthma.

.Paracetamol has a very long history of safe use in children,. says Tim Roper, executive director of the NZSMI.

.Although we have not yet seen the research, we note that Medsafe has already said that the latest research findings do not constitute a reason to stop using paracetamol in childhood.

.We need to consider the detail of research that is referred to and evaluate the specific outcomes and the strong claims being made. Often the link between the drug being taken and the condition cannot be directly related, that is, it is not causal.

.Our evidence shows that the benefit of paracetamol taken appropriately in the correct dosage far outweighs any risks of increasing the possibility of asthma later in the child.s life..

Mr Roper says, however, that parents and caregivers need to ensure that overuse is not a factor, especially in very young children, and he advises them to talk to a GP or pharmacist if no improvement is seen within 24 hours.

He adds paracetamol has been available for more than 50 years in New Zealand and the vast majority of children using it as directed experience no undesirable effects.

PARACETAMOL REDUCES FEVER = fever good immune reaction
no well trained immune reaction = body fights phantoms (and itself)

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Train ride through belgium

At 16:30 we stop at Leuven, and at about 5pm we will reach Liege, the province capitol. It is a sunshiny day, fluffy clouds make a pretty sky backdrop for the journey.
Incredibly fast bullet trains whizz by into the opposite direction, the air-blow-shock is quite something. I count the seconds between kilometre markings and calculate the speed to be around 200km/h.
Languages spoken around me are flemish, french, berber or arabic, and spanish. The train speeds up on this long stretch across mostly flat land. Next stop Liege. The new train station Liege Guillemins is an architect's wet dream in concrete. I change trains here and a cute local train unit rattles us through a charming countryside, along the river valley of the Vesdre, known for its soft water which was (ab-) used for cleaning wool. Its mayor town, Verviers, was a wool merchant and manufacturing centre, and an early socialist stronghold against the owners of the means of production.
Many tunnels and bridges and a full carriage make for an interesting short while. Lovely young people give each other good-bye kisses on both cheeks at Pepinster, while the old engine starts to make a huge humming noise.
Six pm. Next stop is Verviers, which used to be a dirty industry town, but now is completely rennovated. Belgium is a better place to live than ever, it is very green and prosperous. Home again, home again.
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Landed in Brussels CRL, sunshine and arabs.

Landed in Bruxelles Sud, Charloi airport in a utter, utter multicultural setting. Two guys from Morocco make fun with the (white Beligan) bus-driver, who makes the french-berber-arabs laugh heartily. The two north-africans and the Belge clearly have almost eye-waterin fun. The bus is full, but they make loud jokes about children and ask everyone to move closer together to fit a few more people in the bus. At the next stop we squeeze in three black african folks, who immediately join in the merry-making in the front of the bus (illegally in front of the line) and all are having laughs, about dollars, drugs, jobs and work, police and immigration and all kinds of highly informative things - many of which would without doubt get them arrested in the US of Atrocities or even straight into Gitmo. A blond lady smiles when she sees me taking footage, but most terrorists, oops tourists, -- in our bus to Charleroi Gare -- seem non-plussed.
Earlier, one of the Marroccan guys flashed his passport briefly. A european national, his passaporte looked like a total mess, dirty, folded pages - a most grubby identity paper.
In the USA he would be arrested for that alone. He and his mate look like from central casting for a hollywood action thriller about brave white people defending the american way of life from hordes of arabic fun loving suicide assassins. In Charleroi the busdriver wishes them a jovial "bon voyage".
The train to Bruxelles Midi is a brand new double-decker carriage. It runs very quietly! When we arrived in Braine-L'Alleud the conductor steps into the carriage with a friendly "Bon Jour MesDames et Messieurs".
He validates line 4 (of 10) of my "10 trips on all beligan railways (74 euro) " ticket.
Venturing outside the station to the rue de Fiennes, rue jorez to get some spa mineral water. Amazing street scene mix of earth's wonderful diverse human beings. A great kebab place, pizza, alimentation for travellers' needs.
Back inside the station, next to "Sam's Cafe" I find a carrefour express. Very expensive supermarket items, but one could make a huge impromptu sandiwich from their bread rolls and prepackaged ham, salami or cheese maybe.
I take the 15h57 intercity from Ostende to Eupen and again it is a very nice, modern car with 4 seats around a little table.
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Ryan Air Boeing 737-800

Captain Nicholas Chadmumble and first officer Arab Accent from England let us wait on the gangway in the driving rain.
Wet passenger aboard, we have to wait for takeoff clearance.
Like on the inward flight the plane is about 90 per cent full, which is surprising if one considers that tickets are cheap, mine was 9.99 Euros (really! That's all I paid!). Presumably the empty seats are just no-shows, i.e. people who changed their minds and wrote off the money.
Sitting next to me is a gorgeous francophone woman who laughed enthusiastically when I told her that her french sounds so beautiful, but I can't understand a word. Ho hum.
My geiger counter shows 2.8 microsievert per hour once we reached cruising altitude. On the leg to Kaunas it was over three. Maybe the earlier daytime makes a difference? Probably it is rather the reduced solar activity today.

Beneath are landscapes full of lakes and farms, forests and villages. The Baltic states have a great future, if they can keep out the locusts (usa style capitalist profiteers). I can tell, from 37 thousand feet.
After landing (with applause) i spot a United States war aeroplan A10 warthog landing behind us. Probably training for the global war for private ownership and protection of traditional western blackmail aquisitions. Welcome to NATO. And don't ever wikipedia "strategy of tension".

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Leaving Kaunas, see you later Lithuania

Oh no! More crying babies on the plane, I am sitting here in the departure lounge, and apart from babies crying the are to chubby chicks talking and laughing loudly (see picture).
The entry in today's almanac: Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hofman (yippies) threw 1000 single one usa-dollar banknotes from the visitor's gallery above the nyse new york stock exchange into the trading floor. And the stockbrokers interrupted dealing with millions to pick up the miserable amounts of cash. A tale of virtual and real money from 1968.
One hour until takeoff. More babies are appearing and a horde of little boys, who seem to be (too) well-behaved.
I again marvel at the magnificent wooden floor. Kaunoites have taste.
Like yesterday! I was invited for sauna with snacks. I ate tasty fat pieces with onion, and duely sweated.
Ok, we are nearly boarding, On the taxiway I can see a private jet VP-CFW being greeted by a solitary official in high visibility yellow. Three males step onto the tarmac International fraudsters? Mafia? A privatization that will steal people-owned property? .. and make it tradeable among the elite owners of the global casino - with instrumental aiding and abetting and collusion with bankers who create the money/credit out of thin air for the deal? Very possible.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Vilnius Church Orgy

I have never made so many photos of church interiors. And, what's more, people - women of all ages - actually go there to pray. I saw motorbikers moving lips, probably praying for road safety and even young girls, probably praying for a rich husband?
The decorations are opulent, christian superstition at it's designer-best.
At the town hall, underneath an unesco world heritage sign, proud conservatived have added a plauqe with a threat by George W. Bush 2002: Any enemy of Lithuania is an enemy of the United States of (a part of North-) America.
Maybe -- I thought -- they shouldn't depend on friends like that. GW shrub said he doesn't want the 'military option' against Iraq, but it was later found out he clearly wanted it from day one of his ill gotten presidency. He instrumentalized the 911 atrocities and broughr mega-death over the world and kgb-like big brother over us all.
There *is* a steam locomotive on display about 7 minutes walk West of the main train.
The rest is churches. The russian orthodox church is among the best Fairy-tales in green. There are little steps where the (almost exclusively) female population can reach the religious icon to kiss it. Constantly older women are cleaning; they only stop at night and during mass. I like these russian temples,; they are more lively and have a better, deeper mystique. The heaven-and-hell-show is better staged and the singing is often superb, as it is also in greek orthodoxy.
Christian catholic sect churches are more of a baroque affair. The many gods, subgods and the few goddesses are displayed on giant theatrical sets, intermingled with paintings inside huge hellish halls. Beneath boring services a more incideous intimidation of sexual repression reigns supreme.
The half-naked, tortured and enticing body of Jesus is sometimes pierced under his left breast instead of the more common right-hand bleeding wound variety. The "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" book (plagiarized by "the da vinci code") tells us that the roman soldier wanted the money offered by joseph of arimathea, so he poked his spear of destiny into jesus' side and "blood and water" came out. As any doctor can tell you, that human being is still alive! And since he had hung only for two hours, and was given a spunge with tranquilizer, he played dead, so that his legs were not broken to kill himm for good on a friday. Jesus survivies and - immediately after having been medicated in an unoccupied jewish burial cave - fled by boat to southern france and had many children with mary magdalene. Their descendants are jewish people which cross-bred with the khazars to produce the british royal family and the holy family of the CIA.
The bible -the most genocidal book in history - is unclear about this, but it does say that after Barak Obama has presided over the greatest hypocrisy ever, there will be a ruler who shall kill us all with bull's flu -- Hillary Clinton. It has been prophecised, you must believe blondly, ah blindly.
Like that we need a military.
Lithuanoan army, navy and air-force is spending billions to become a mercenary force for NATO world-wide conquests. They have abandoned territorial defence, and transmuted into a professional (not conscript any more since sept 2008) force for the extraterritorial fight for capitalism.
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Drive Kaunas to Vilnius impressions

You can be like a skylark or an owl. (lithuanian saying). I am an owl. Actually, storks are the national bird. My ambassador's friend is an ornithologist who (re-) discovered a rare goose and got a price from a Norwegian institution.
Gas tank stop - Petrol is 4.08 lit per lit, i.e. litas per litre, or 1.2 euro. Lithuania is already on fixed exchange rate to the euro, 3.45 or so. On a monday morning rush hour traffic is not bad.
We are listening to euro-club-house-disco stomps on a 20w non-commercial station on 99.2fm, studio 7.
Also monitoring C8 on ch12am for radar speed traps (in town channel 19fm)
It is rainy and 17deg and the motorway is perfect. We are passing Elektrenai and its huge chimenys. A "electric generator town" with a russian-made load-levelling hydro storage lake nearby. They burn mazutas (tar) and use the Elektreny Marios lake for cooling water. I get a short mention of the great history here: Vilnius iron wulf founding legend - Gojaila poland historic shame chapter - Lithuanian prehistoric origin stories feature strange animals that could be crocodiles from Africa and animals from India. I must look it up on wikipedia.
We arrive at the cathedral, a suitably idiot-tourist landmark and meeting point, because it is absolutely huge (see above picture).
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kaunas Schlingensief

Haette Schlingensief vaccineurin genommen, waere er wahrscheinlich gesundet, mehr dazu, wenn sie mir einen Kaommentar unter diesem blog-eintrag hinterlassen.
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stupid captain boat trip cancelled

As the pleasure-boat captain said, I was at Kauno Mariod in time for the 12 o'clock ride to rumsiskes, except it has already left at 11 (17 Litas return). No more trips until next weekend. Bummer.
Don't trust captains with less-than-perfect attire. He said a storm would be coming up, I hope he will ... Ah never mind, maybe it's for the better.
Yesterday's encounter with the bus-ticket-raid made a good dinner story. We went near the airport to have the best commercially available Cepelinai - Zeppelin mega-meat-balls (monsterfleischknoedel) on earth. "only home-made is better".
After the exquisite Devil's Museum (more devils, please!!) I went into the "old" art gallery (yawn) and after my ambassador used me as an excuse to get away from a tenacious woman, and gave me a shower, I was dropped of in the oldest part of Kaunas, where the rwo rivers Nemunas and Neris amalgamate.
And amazingly I landed in a medieval Folk festival, greeted by the incredible noise of knight' armor crashing and battle grunts. There was a very nice stand for the audience for a first class look over the whole battlefield,
Arts and crafts and 15th century beer, sausages and sauerkraut, horse riding an mock executions, a kids favourite.
Wonderful warm weather excellent beer and very well behaved crowds.
Kaunas is great!
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Kaunas catastrophies marriage freak storms nuclear power

On fridays and saturdays one can't go far in Kaunas without bumping into a fancy wedding celebration. Wedding photography is good business here, clients abound.
I bussed to Kauno Marios to see when and where boats to Rumsiskes leave from. I met the captain, and he spoke a little german; the bozt leaves at 12 midday.
Not surpringlay a boatloads of marriage celebrants arrived, happily partying away with champagne at the banquet.
The electric trolley bus no 9 and 12 run frequently to the pier. There is even a beach for swimming and a paddle boat hire. Tons of trees were snapped in half from a recent freak stormduring the recent summer heat, the same that caused the forest fires in Russia which polluted Moscow'x air to toxic levels.
It would have been an excellent summer for solar power. I have seen only a single solar thermic installation (glass vacuum tubes) and one solar voltaic covered roof so far.
In the Musical Instrument Museum the background music, exhibit-case lights and room lighting is controlled by a infrared sensor, that switches it all off while one is still marvellling at the beautiful exhibits of flutes and zithers. If one waves a hand (or starts dancing) the lights come back on. The same is true for the stairs the modern apartment blocks where I am staying. The reason is that power is expensive, since Lithuanian's only (russuan) nuclear power station had to be shut down, because of european union's safety concerns.
My radex 1503 geiger counter shows a totally normal 0.12 micro sievert per hour reading.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kaunas city impressions

I hopped on a Mikroautobus (minibus) to town, changed to a dutch-made city-bus (line 24) and tried to pay the fare of 2 litas (60 eurocents), but the busdriver was busy, and then he ignored me. So I sat down holding my two lit coin in my hand and my free tourist map in the other.
Not long after, a veritable swat team of ticket controllers swarmed into the bus and a tall, beautiful blond uniformed woman looked merciful on me, took my coin, went to the driver and handed me my ticket. Very cool.

Lithuanians are well organised and they handle their country well. USA/multinational corporations are here, but are not taking everything over, yet, presumably because thhe language is so special and the monetary sovereignty of having their own currency. My ambassador tells me that they are not keen on the Euro, they have beautiful banknotes, including a banknote with two men, that is apparently popular with gays (poofters, homos). They two smartly dressed males are famous aviators S.Darius and S.Girenas, who first crossed the atlantik but were shot down by envious, evil Germans. The germans have indeed committed the gravest crimes in this area, unspeakable atrocities.
On the other hand, most foreign exchange that the country earns goes into flash japanese, german and french cars, and the is a class of ultra-rich people, who almost don't pay their full taxes. The roads and other infrastructure are quite good nevertheless. Maybe all the years of bad "communism" left the bureaucrats with a feeling for what's important, nevertheless. The neoliberal thought-manipulation is not glaringly obvious here. Supermarkets have still a surprising amount of variety apart from lipton kellogs etc. I saw 7 different branda of kefir and unsightly carrots instead of tasteless clonecarrots from Israel occupied Palestine. On the Russia-market at the trainstation the sold at least 6 different types of potatoes. And I had my first taste of Quass, a drink made from roasted bread. Coca cola is awful compared to the russian breaddrink.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaunas Lithuania liudni slibinai

Just going to a concert by the (sleeping) sad dragons liudni slibinai at the dhzem pub her in Kaunas in laisves aleja in a deep light building.
The line for the unisex toilet is really long, so i am waiting here with the girls, one of which was so kind to type the lithuanian names for me.
I am a slow typer so it is now time water the bowl.
The band has started playing... a little cabaret, funny song lyrics e.g. bad christmas, santa lost his beard, evil fairies cooked the rabbit .. Whatever that means. The shepherd song, a favourite of the crowd.
Search youtube for

dnrvideo liudni slibnai

To see a video of their music.

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Radioactive in the air, Kaunas

When I checked yesterday, the plane was fully booked. As I am sitting inside the jet to Lithuania, there are empty seats!
I was the last person to go onboard and yet I got a window seat! Amazing. Maybe 5 per cent are unoccupied.
For fun I took me Geiger-counter and when I switched it on, it was beeping like crazy. At first I thought it had been broken inside my rucksack, but it rebooted normally and now shows 2.62 microsievert per hour. At home it showed 0.12 mostly. There are 25 times more radioactive particles (gamma rays) being measured. Maybe the Sun is particularly active right now (14h41 central european summer time on 19aug10)???
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TGV Charleroi

Ich went on the TGV to Paris North 7:23, sat down at a window and when the ticket conductor came "NOCH JEMAND ZUGESTIEGEN I AACHEN" I simply said nothing and I had a fast trip to Brussels Midi, without having a obligatory reservation.

In Brussels there is a Bus to CRL airport, but I took the train From platform 21 at 9:07 to Charleroi South.

I met a young Lithuanian, who takes the same flight. He says it's GREAT there. "Why?" -- "you'll see" -- "come on, what? The city? what?" -- "the women".

Ok, that bodes well, then.

Waiting around in the bruxelles sud airport is a bit boring. The drinks are very expensive 3.20 for 33cl can of Jupiler, and one is not allowed to take water inside. Next time I take instant-powder fruit drink, they have free papercups and potable water on the toilet.
Jetairfly and use CRL, too. EI-DCZ arrived at 12:30, take-off at 1300, ryanair runs an efficient operation here.
The weather is beautiful, fluffy clouds and sunshine in Brussel -- the forecast for Kaunas is rain and 19 degrees maximum temperature.
Waiting waiting, time to write this blog.
Quite a few kids - one tantrum, one crying. Mothers with baby-strollers, (carryon) and a full aeroplane.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

LITHUANIAN LINGO Pandelys Lithuaniaphrase book emergency dictionary words|lt|I%20am%20looking%20for%20a%20translator  Aš ieškau vertėjas

Labas. (LAH-bahs)
Hello. (informal
Sveikas / Sveika (for a female). (SVAY-kahs/ SVAY-kah)
How are you? 
Kaip gyvuojate? (Kayp gee-VAW-yah-ta?)
Fine, thank you. 
Ačiū, gerai. (AH-choo, GAH-rai)
What is your name? 
Kaip jūsų vardas? (Kayp YOO-soo VAHR-dahs?)
My name is ______ . 
Mano vardas yra ______ . (MAH-naw VAHR-dahs EE-rah _____ .)
Pleased to meet you. 
Malonu. (mah-LAW-noo)
Prašau. (prah-SHOW)
Thank you. 
Ačiū. (AH-choo)
You're welcome. 
Prašau. (prah-SHAOO)
Taip. (Tayp)
Ne. (na)
Excuse me. (getting attention
Atsiprašau. (aht-sih-prah-SHAOO)
Excuse me. (begging pardon
Atleiskite. (ah-tlais-KEE-tah)
I'm sorry. 
Atleiskite. (ah-tlais-KEE-ta)
Sudie. (soo-DYAH) / Iki (EE-kih)
I can't speak Lithuanian [well]. 
Nekalbiu [laisvai] lietuviškai. (NA-kahl-byuh [LAIS-vai] LYEH-tuh-vihsh-kai)
Do you speak English? 
Ar kalbate angliškai? (ahr KAHL-bah-ta AHN-glihsh-kai?)
Is there someone here who speaks English? 
Ar kas nors čia kalba angliškai? (ahr kahs nawrs chyah KAHL-bah AHN-glihsh-kai?)
Gelbėkite! (GAHL-beh-kih-ta!)
Look out! 
Atsargiai! (AHT-sahr-gai!)
Good morning. 
Labas rytas. (LAH-bahs REE-tahs)
Good evening. 
Labas vakaras. (LAH-bahs VAH-kah-rahs)
Good night. 
Labos nakties. (LAH-bohs NAHK-tyehs) / Labanaktis (LAH-bah-nahk-tees)
I don't understand. 
Nesuprantu. (NEH-suh-prahn-too)
Where is the toilet? 
Kur yra tualetas? (Kuhr EE-rah TWAH-la-tahs?)


Leave me alone. 
Eik šalin. (EH-eek SHAH-leen)
Don't touch me! 
Nelieskite manęs! (neh-LYEHS-kee-teh MAH-nas)
I'll call the police. 
Aš iškviesiu policiją. (ahsh eesh-KVYEH-syoo paw-LIH-tsyah)
Policija! (paw-LIH-tsyah)
Stop! Thief! 
Stabdykite vagį! (stahb-DEE-kee-teh VAH-gee)
I need your help. 
Man reikia jūsų pagalbos. (mahn REY-kyah YOO-soo pah-GAHL-bohs)
It's an emergency. 
Skubiai reikia pagalbos, rimtas atvejis. (skoo-BYAHEE REY-kyah pah-GAHL-bohs, REEM-tahs AHT-veh-ees)
I'm lost. 
Aš pasiklydau. (ahsh pah-see-KLEE-dow)
I lost my bag. 
Aš pamečiau savo rankinę. (ahsh pah-MEH-chyah-oo SAH-voh RAHN-kee-nehh)
I lost my wallet. 
Aš pamečiau savo piniginę. (ahsh pah-MEH-chyah-oo pee-NEE-gee-nehh)
I'm sick. 
Man bloga. (mahn BLAW-gah)
I've been injured. 
Mane sužeidė. (MAH-neh)
I need a doctor. 
Man reikia daktaro pagalbos. (mahn REY-kyah dahk-TAH-roh pah-GAHL-bohs)
Can I use your phone? 
Ar galėčiau pasinaudoti jūsų telefonu? (ahr gah-LEH-chyah-oo pah-see-NOW-daw-tee YOO-soo teh-leh-FAW-noo?)


nulis (NOO-lihs)
vienas (VYEH-nahs)
du (doo)
trys (trihs)
keturi (kah-too-RIH)
penki (pahn-KIH)
šeši (shah-SHIH)
septyni (sahp-tee-NIH)
aštuoni (ahsh-tow-NIH)
devyni (dah-vih-NIH)
dešimt (DAH-shihmt)
Vienuolika (VYEH-naw-lih-kah)
Dvylika (DVIH-lih-kah)
Trylika (TRIH-lih-kah)
Keturiolika (KAH-tuh-ryoh-lih-kah)
Penkiolika (pan-KYOH-lee-kah)
Šešiolika (SHAH-shyoh-lee-kah)
Septyniolika (sap-TEE-nyoh-lee-kah)
Aštuoniolika (ahsh-TOW-nyoh-lee-kah)
Devyniolika (da-VEE-nyoh-lee-kah)
Dvidešimt (DVIH-dah-shihmt)
Dvidešimt vienas (DVIH-dah-shihmt VYEH-nahs)
Trisdešimt (TRIHS-dah-shihmt)
Keturiasdešimt (KAH-toor-ryahs-deh-shihmt)
Penkiasdešimt (PAHN-kyahs-deh-shihmt)
Šešiasdešimt (SHAH-shyahs-deh-shihmt)
Septyniasdešimt (sahp-TEE-nyahs-deh-shihmt)
Aštuoniasdešimt (ahsh-TWOH-nyahs-deh-shihmt)
Devyniasdešimt (dah-VEE-nyahs-deh-shihmt)
Šimtas (SHIHM-tahs)
Du simtai (Doo SHIHM-tai)
Trys šimtai (trihs SHIHM-tai)
Keturi šimtai (KEH-too-rih SHIHM-tai)
Penki šimtai (PAN-kih SHIHM-tai)
Šeši šimtai (SHAH-shih SHIHM-tai)
Septyni šimtai (SEHP-tee-nih SHIHM-tai)
Aštuoni šimtai (AHSH-tow-nih SHIHM-tai)
Devyni šimtai (DEH-vee-nih SHIHM-tai)
Tūkstantis (TOOKS-tahn-tihs)
Penkių tūkstančių (PEHN-kyoo TOOKS-tahn-chyoo)
Dešimt tūkstančių (DEH-shimt TOOKS-tahn-chyoo)
vienas milijonas (VYEH-nahs MIH-lyoh-nahs)

Note: the endings of the numbers might change according to the gender and the grammar case, for example:

Four boys. 
Keturi berniukai. (ka-TOO-rih bar-NEW-kai)
Four daughters. 
Keturios dukros. (ka-TOO-ryaws DOO-kraws)
Mother had four daughters. 
Mama turėjo keturias dukras. (MAH-mah too-REHH-yaw ka-TOO-ryahs DOO-krahs)

Common signs

Atidaryta (ah-tih-DAH-ree-tah)
Uždaryta (oozh-DAH-ree-tah)
Įėjimas (ee-EH-yih-mahs)
Išėjimas (ih-SHEH-yih-mahs)
Stumkite / Stumti (stoom-KIH-ta/ STOOM-tih)
Traukite / Traukti (TROW-kih-ta/ TROWK-tih)
Tualetai / Tualetas (twah-LA-tai/ twah-LA-tahs)
Vyrų (VEE-roo)
Moterų (maw-TA-roo)
Uždrausta (oozh-DROWS-tah)


dabar (dah-BAHR)
vėliau (veh-LYOW)
prieš tai (pryehsh tai)
in the morning 
ryte (REE-teh)
in the afternoon 
po pietų / dieną (paw PYEH-too/ DYEH-nah)
in the evening 
vakare (vah-kah-RAH)
at night 
naktį (nahk-TEE)

Clock time

What time is it? 
Kiek dabar laiko? (kyehk dah-bahr LAI-koh?)
Dabar.....valanda (DAH-bahr,vah-lahn-DAH)
one o'clock AM 
pirma valanda nakties (PIHR-mah vah-lahn-DAH NAHK-tyehs)
two o'clock AM 
antra valanda nakties (AHN-trah vah-lahn-DAH NAHK-tyehs)
vidurdienis (vih-DOOR-dyeh-nihs)
one o'clock PM 
pirma valanda dienos / pirma po pietų (PIHR-mah vah-lahn-DAH DYEH-nohs/PIHR-mah poh PYEH-too)
two o'clock PM 
antra valanda dienos / antra po pietų (AHN-trah vah-lahn-DAH DYEH-nohs/ AHN-trah )
vidurnaktis (vihr-DOOR-nahk-tihs)


_____ minute(s) 
_____ minutė(s) (mih-NOO-tehh(s))
_____ hour(s) 
_____ valanda(-os) (vah-lahn-DAH(-ohs))
_____ day(s) 
_____ diena(-os) (dyeh-NAH(-ohs))
_____ week(s) 
_____ savaitė(s) (sah-VAIH-tehh(s))
_____ month(s) 
_____ mėnuo (mėnesiai) (MEHH-nwoh (MEHH-nah-syah-ih))
_____ year(s) 
_____ metai (MAH-taih)


diena (DYEH-nah)
naktis (nahk-TIHS)
rytas (REE-tahs)
popietė (PAW-pyeh-tehh)
vidurnaktis (vih-DOOR-nahk-TIHS)
šiandien (shahn-DYEHN)
šį vakarą (shee VAH-kah-ruh)
vakar (VAH-kahr)
rytoj (ree-TOY)
this week 
šią savaitę (shah sah-VAI-tah)
last week 
pereitą savaitę (PAH-ray-tah sah-VAI-tah)
next week 
ateinančią savaitę (ah-TAY-nahn-chah sah-VAI-tah)
pirmadienis (pihr-MAH-dyeh-nihs)
antradienis (ahn-TRAH-dyeh-nihs)
trečiadienis (trah-CHYAH-dyeh-nihs)
ketvirtadienis (kat-vihr-TAH-dyeh-nihs)
penktadienis (pank-TAH-dyeh-nihs)
šeštadienis (shahsh-TAH-dyeh-nihs)
sekmadienis (sak-MAH-dyeh-nihs)


Sausis (SOW-sihs)
Vasaris (vah-SAH-rihs)
Kovas (KAW-vahs)
Balandis (bah-LAHN-dihs)
Gegužė (geh-GOO-zheh)
Birželis (bihr-ZHEH-lihs)
Liepa (LYEH-pah)
Rugpjūtis (roog-PYOO-tihs)
Rugsėjis (roog-SEH-yihs)
Spalis (SPAH-lihs)
Lapkritis (LAHP-krih-tihs)
Gruodis (groo-WAH-dihs)

Writing time and date

half past ... 
pusė (followed by the NEXT hour, as if "half til ...") (PU-sehh)

For instance: Half past two. - Pusė trijų. (Half (un)til three.) (PU-sehh TRIH-you)

a quarter past ... 
penkiolika po (15 minutes past) (PAHN-kyoh-lih-kah poh)
a quarter to ... 
be penkiolikos (15 minutes to) (bah PAHN-kyoh-lih-kohs)


vasara (VAH-sah-rah)
ruduo (roo-DWAH)
žiema (ZHYEH-mah)
pavasaris (pah-VAH-sah-rihs)


juoda (YWOH-dah)
balta (BAHL-tah)
pilka (PIHL-kah)
raudona (row-DAW-nah)
mėlyna (MEHH-lee-nah)
geltona (gahl-TAW-nah)
žalia (ZHAH-lyah)
oranžinė (aw-rahn-ZHEE-nehh)
violetinė (vyaw-leh-TIH-nehh)
ruda (ROO-dah)
rausvas (ROWS-vahs)


automobilis/mašiną (OW-toh-maw-bih-lihs/MAH-shih-nah)
taksi (TAHK-sih)
furgonas (FOOR-gaw-nahs)
autobusas (ow-TAW-buh-sahs)
mainikavimas (my-nih-KAH-vih-mahs)
dviratis (dvee-RAH-tihs)
motociklas (maw-taw-TSEE-klahs)
troleibuso (traw-LAY-boo-saw)
tramvajus (TRAHM-vai-oos)
traukinys (trow-kih-NEES)
laivas (LAI-vahs)
valtis (VAHL-tihs)
keltas (KEHL-tahs)
lėktuvas (lehk-TOO-vahs)
Sraigtasparnis (sraig-tahs-PAHR-nihs)

Buying Tickets

Where can I buy tickets? 
Kur galiu nusipirkti bilietus? (koor gah-LYOO noo-sih-PIHRK-tih BIH-lyeh-toos?)
I want to travel to... 
Noriu keliauti į ... (NOH-ryoo keh-LYAH-oo-tih ee)
Do I need to book/make a reservation? 
Ar man reikia užsisakyti / padaryti rezervaciją? (ahr mahn ray-KYAH oozh-see-sah-KEE-tih/pah-dah-REE-tih reh-zehr-vah-TSYAH?)
Are the tickets sold out? 
Bilietai išparduoti? (bee-LYEH-tai eesh-pahr-DWOH-tih)
Any tickets available? 
Bet bilietus galima? (beht bee-LYEH-toos gah-LEE-mah?)
I'd like to book/reserve a seat to... 
Norėčiau užsakyti/rezervuoti vietą ... (noh-REH-chyow uhzh-SAH-kee-tih/reh-zehr-VOW-tih VYEH-tah...)
I'd like (a)... 
Norėčiau ... (noh-REH-chyah-oo...) ticket. 
...į vieną pusę bilietas. (ee VYEH-nah POO-seh BIH-lyeh-tahs)
...return ticket. 
...grįžimo bilietą. (GREE-zhih-moh BIH-lyeh-tah)
...two tickets. 
...du bilietai. (doo BIH-lyeh-tai)
...1st. class ticket. 
...pirmos klasės bilietas. (PIHR-mohs KLAH-sehs BIH-lyeh-tahs)
...2nd. class ticket. 
...antros klasės bilietas. (AHN-trohs KLAH-sehs BIH-lyeh-tahs)

Bus and train

How much is a ticket to _____? 
Kiek kainuoja bilietas iki _____? (kyek kai-NWAH-yah BIH-lyeh-tahs IH-kih?)
One ticket to _____, please. 
Prašau vieną bilietą į _____. (prah-SHOW VYEH-nahh BIH-lyeh-tahh ee)
Where does this train/bus go? 
Kur važiuoja šitas traukinys/autobusas? (koor vah-ZEE-woh-yah SHIH-tahs trow-kih-NEES/ow-TAW-boo-sahs?)
Where is the train/bus to _____? 
Kur yra traukinys/autobusas, važiuojantis į _____? (koor EE-rah trow-kih-NEES/ow-TAW-boo-sahs, vah-zhee-ow-YAHN-tihs ih?)
Does this train/bus stop in _____? 
Ar šitas traukinys/autobusas stoja _____? (ahr SHIH-tahs trow-kih-NEES/OW-toh-buh-saws STOH-ia....?)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave? 
Kada išvyksta traukinys/autobusas į _____? (kah-DAH AISH-veeks-tah trow-KIH-nees/OW-toh-buh-saws ih...?)
When will this train/bus arrive in _____? 
Kada šitas traukinys/autobusas atvyks į _____? (kah-DAH SHIH-tahs trow-KIH-nees/OW-toh-buh-sahs AHT-veeks ih...)
Please note: in bigger cities there are also buses running by electricity, called "troleibusas". Same rules as for regular buses apply, but you need a separate ticket.


How do I get to _____ ? 
Kaip nuvykti iki _____ ? (kaip noo-VEEK-tih EE-kih...?)
...the train station? 
...traukinių stoties? (trow-KIH-new STOH-tyehs?)
...the bus station? 
...autobusų stoties? (ow-toh-BOO-soo STOH-tyehs?)
...the airport? 
...aerouosto? (ah-eh-ROW-ohs-toh?)
...miesto centro? (MYEHS-toh TSEHN-troh?)
...the youth hostel? 
...jaunimo viešbutis? (YOW-nih-noh VYEHSH-boo-tihs?)
...the _____ hotel? 
... _____ viešbučio? (VYEHSH-boo-chaw?)
...the American/British/Australian consulate? 
...Didžiosios Amerikos/Britanijos/Australijos konsulato? (DIH-jyoh-syohs ah-MEH-rih-kohs/brih-TAH-nyohs/ows-TRAH-lyohs kohn-SOO-lah-toh?)
Where are there a lot of... 
Kur yra daug... (koor EE-rah dowg) 
...viešbučių? (VYEHSH-boo-chyoo?)
...restoranų? (REHS-toh-rah-noo)
...barų? (BAH-roo)
...sites to see? 
...lankytinų vietų? (lahn-KEE-tih-noo VYEH-too)
Can you show me on the map? 
Ar galite man parodyti žemėlapyje? (ahr GAH-lih-teh mahn PAH-roh-dih-tee zheh-meh-LAH-pyeh?)
gatvė (GAHT-veh)
Turn left. 
pasukite į kairę. (pah-soo-KIH-teh ee KAI-reh)
Turn right. 
pasukite į dešinę. (pah-soo-KIH-teh ee deh-SHIH-neh)
kairė (KAI-reh)
dešinė (DEH-shih-neh)
straight ahead 
tiesiai (TYEH-syah-ih)
towards the _____ 
link _____ (lihnk)
past the _____ 
pro _____ (proh)
before the _____ 
prieš _____ (pryehsh)
Watch for the _____. 
ieškokite _____. (IESH-koh-kih-teh)
sankirta (sahn-KIHR-tah)
šiaurė (SHYAH-oo-reh)
pietūs (PYEH-toos)
rytai (RIH-tai)
vakarai (vah-KAH-rai)
į kalvą / aukštyn (ee KAHL-vah/OWKSH-tihn)
nuo kalvos / žemyn (nwoh KAHL-vohs/ZHEH-meen)


Taksi! (TAHK-sih!)
Take me to _____, please. 
Nuvežkite mane į _____, prašau. (noo-vehzh-KIH-teh MAH-neh ee____, prah-SHAOO)
How much does it cost to get to _____? 
Kiek kainuoja kelionė iki_____? (kyehk KAI-nwoh-yah KEH-lyoh-nehh EE-kih___?)
Take me there, please. 
Nuvežkite mane ten, prašau (noo-vehzh-KIH-teh MAH-neh tehn, prah-SHAOO)

Please note: In bigger Lithuanian cities there are so called "route-taxis" or "micro-buses" going in, they will stop to take you from the street if you raise your hand. The price is the same wherever you go, it is a lot cheaper than going by taxi and a little more expensive than travelling by bus. The disadvantage for non-Lithuanian speakers is that you have to tell the driver where you want to get off just before the stop.


Do you have any rooms available? 
Ar turite laisvų kambarių? (ahr too-REE-teh LAIS-voo kahm-BAH-ryoo?)
How much is a room for one person/two people? 
Kui Kiek kainuoja kambarys vienam/dviems? (kwee kayk kai-NOO-wah kahm-BAH-rihs VYEH-nahm/dvyehms?)
Does the room come with... 
Ar kambaryje yra... (ahr kahm-BAH-rih-yeh IH-rah...)
...paklodės? (pah-KLOH-dehs?)
...a bathroom? 
...vonios kambarys? (VOH-nyohs kahm-BAH-rihs?)
...a telephone? 
...telefonas? (teh-leh-FOH-nahs?)
...a TV? 
...televizorius? (teh-leh-vih-ZOH-ryoos?)
May I see the room first? 
Ar galėčiau pirmiau pamatyti kambarį? (ahr geh-LEHH-chyah-oo PIHR-myah-oo pah-mah-TEE-tih kahm-BAH-ree?)
Do you have anything quieter? 
Ar turite ką nors tylesnio? (ahr too-RIH-teh kaa nohrs tee-LEHS-nyoh?)
...didesnio? (dih-DEHS-nyoh?)
...švaresnio? (shvah-RAS-nyoh?)
...pigesnio? (pih-GAS-nyoh?)
OK, I'll take it. 
Gerai, mes paimsimę šitą (GA-rai, mas pah-ihm-SIH-meh SHIH-tahh)
I will stay for _____ night(s). 
Mes apsistosime_____naktį (mas ahpsihs-TOH-sih-meh___NAHK-tee) (if one)/naktis (NAHK-tihs) (if two to ten)/naktų (NAHK-too) (if eleven, etc)
Can you suggest another hotel? 
Gal galėtumėte rekomenduoti/pasiūlyti kitą viešbutį? (gahl gah-lehh-oo-MEHH-teh reh-koh-mehn-DWOH-tih/pah-syoo-LEE-tih KIH-taa vyehsh-BOO-tee?)
Do you have a safe? 
Ar turite seifą? (ahr too-RIH-ta SAY-fahh?)
...rakinamas spinteles? (rah-kih-NAH-mahs spihn-TA-las?)
Is breakfast/supper included? 
Ar pusryčiai/vakarienė įskaičiuoti? (ahr poo-SRIH-chyah-ee/vah-kah-RYEH-nehh ees-kai-CHYOO-oh-tih?)
What time is breakfast/supper? 
Kelintą valandą pusryčiai/vakarienė? (keh-LIHN-taa vah-LAHN-daa poo-SRIH-chyah-ee/vah-kah-RYEH-nehh)
Please clean my room. 
Išvalykite mano kambarį, prašau. (eesh-vah-LIH-kih-teh MAH-noh kahm-BAH-rih, prah-SHAOO)
Can you wake me at _____? 
Ar galėtumėte mane pažadinti _____? (ahr gah-leh-too-MEH-teh MAH-neh pah-zhah-DIHN-tih?)
I want to check out. 
Aš noriu išsiregistruoti (ahsh NOH-ryoo eesh-sih-reh-gees-TROW-tih)


Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars? 
Ar galima atsiskaityti Amerikos/Australijos/Kanados doleriais? (ahr gah-LIH-mah aht-sihs-KAI-tee-tih ah-ma-RIH-kaws/ows-trah-lyaws/kah-NAH-daws daw-la-RYAH-ihs?)
Do you accept British pounds? 
Ar galima atsiskaityti svarais? (ahr gah-LIH-mah aht-sihs-kai-TEE-tih SVAH-rais?)
Do you accept Euros? 
Ar jūs sutinkate su eurais? (ahr yoos suh-tihn-KAH-teh suh eh-OO-rais?)
Do you accept credit cards? 
Ar priimate kreditines korteles? (ahr prih-ih-MAH-ta kreh-dih-TIH-nas kawr-TA-las? )
Can you change money for me? 
Ar galite man iškeisti pinigus? (ahr gah-LIH-ta mahn ihsh-KAIS-tih pih-NIH-goos?)
Where can I get money changed? 
Kur aš galėčiau išsikeisti pinigus? (koor ash gah-LEHH-chyah-oo ihsh-sih-KAIS-tih pih-NIH-goos?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me? 
Ar galite man išgryninti kelionės čekį? (ahr gah-LIH-ta mahn eesh-gree-NIHN-tih ka-LYOH-nehhs CHEH-kee?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed? 
Kur galiu gauti kelionės čekį? (kuhr GAH-lyoo GOW-tih ka-LYAW-nehhs CHEH-kee?)
What is the exchange rate? 
Koks valiutos keitimo kursas? (kawks vah-LYOO-taws kay-TIH-maw KUHR-sahs)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)? 
Kur yra pinigų išėmimo automatas? (koor EW-rah pih-NIH-goo ee-shehh-MIH-maw ow-taw-MAH-tahs?)

Please note: Better just go to the bank and get some Litas, you won't be able to pay in dollars, pounds or euros in the city. Credit cards will be accepted in most of the stores.


A table for one person/two people, please. 
Stalą vienam/dviems, prašau. (STAH-lah VYEH-nahm/dvyehms, PRAH-shaoo)
Can I look at the menu, please? 
Gal galėčiau gauti meniu? (gahl gah-lehh-CHYAH-oo GOW-tih MA-new?)
Is there a house specialty? 
Ar turite firminių restorano patiekalų? (ahr tu-RIH-teh fihr-MIH-new rehs-taw-RAH-naw pah-tyeh-KAH-loo?)
Is there a local specialty? 
Ar yra patiekalų? (ahr EE-rah pah-TYAH-kah-loo?)
I'm a vegetarian. 
Aš vegataras (vegetarė - for a woman). (ahsh veh-geh-TAH-rahs (veh-geh-TAH-rehh))
pusryčiai (POOS-ree-chyah-ee)
priešpiečiai (pryash-PYA-chyah-ih)
miltai (MIHL-tai)
vakarienė (vah-kah-RYA-nehh)
I want _____. 
Aš norėčiau_____. (ahsh naw-REHH-chyaw-oo_____)
I want a dish containing _____. 
Aš noriu patiekalo kuriame būtų _____. (ahsh NAW-ryoo pah-tya-KAH-law koo-RYA-ma BOO-too____)
vištiena (vihsh-TYA-nah)
jautiena (yah-oo-TYA-nah)
kiauliena (KYAOO-lyeh-nah)
mėsa (MEHH-sah)
bulvės (BOOL-vehhs)
žuvis (ZHOO-vihs)
sūris (SOO-rihs)
kiaušiniai (kyah-OOSHIH-nih-eye)
salotos (sah-LAW-taws)
(fresh) vegetables 
(šviežios) daržovės ((SHVYA-zhyaws) dahr-ZHAW-vehhs)
(fresh) fruit 
(švieži) vaisiai ((SHVYA-zhih) vai-SIH-eye)
duona (DWA-nah)
skrebutis (skra-BOO-tihs)
pica {PIH-tsah)
noodles / pasta 
makaronai (mah-kah-RAW-nai)
ryžiai (RIH-zhih-eye)
pupelės (poo-PA-lehhs)
varškė (VAHRSH-kehh)
cottage cheese 
grūdėta varškė (groo-DEHH-tah VARSH-kehh)
blynai/blyneliai (BLIH-nai/blih-NA-lyah-ih) (blynai usually refers to pancakes as main meal, for example, with meat or curd, when blyneliai is more dessert-like)
ledai (LEH-dai)
May I have a glass of _____? 
Ar galėčiau gauti stiklinę _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chyahoo GOW-tih stih-KLIH-neh___?)
May I have a cup of _____? 
Ar galėčiau gauti puodelį _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chyahoo GOW-tih PWAH-da-lee____?)
May I have a bottle of _____? 
Ar galėčiau gauti butelį _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chyahoo GOW-tih BOO-ta-lee____?)

Please note: the following first versions refers to the ending of the sentences, while the second ones - how they would look like in the menu

kavos (KAH-vaws) - kava (KAH-vah)
tea (drink
arbatos (ahr-BAH-taws) - arbata (ahr-BAH-tah)
(fresh) juice 
(šviežiai spaustų) sulčių ((shvya-ZHIH-eye SPAH-oos-too) SOOL-chyoo) - (šviežios) sultys ((SHVYA-zhyaws) SOOL-tihs)
(sparkling) water 
(gazuoto) vandens ((gah-ZWAW-taw) VAHN-dans) - (gazuotas) vanduo ((gah-ZWAW-tahs) VAHN-dooa)
vandens (VAHN-dans) - vanduo (VAHN-dooa)
alaus (AH-lahoos) - alus (AH-loos)
red/white wine 
raudono/balto vyno (row-DAW-naw/BAHL-taw VIH-naw) - raudonas/baltas vynas (row-DAW-naws/BAHL-tahs VIH-naws)
May I have some _____? 
Ar galėčiau gauti šiek tiek _____? (ahr gah-LEHH-chya-oo GOW-tih shyak tyak____?)
druska (DROOS-kah)
black pepper 
juodųjų pipirų (ywah-DOO-yoo pih-PIH-roo)
sviestas (SVYEHS-tahs)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)
Atsiprašau, padavėjau? (aht-sih-PRAH-shaoo, pah-dah-VEE-yow?)
I'm finished. 
Aš pabaigiau.(ahsh pah-BAY-giaoo)
It was delicious. 
Buvo labai skanu. (BU-vaw LAH-bye SKAH-nu)
The check, please. 
Patikrinti, prašau. (pah-tih-KRIHN-tih, PRAH-shaoo)
Lithuanian specialties 
Cepelinai {Boilt mashed potato wrap with meat inside), Vėdarai (Pig guts stuffed with potatoe mash), Šaltibarščiai (cold pink soup made of milk derivative, beetroot and some eggs)


Do you serve alcohol? 
Ar turite alkoholio? (ahr too-RIH-tah ahl-kaw-HAW-lyaw)
A beer/two beers, please. 
Vieną/du alaus, prašau. (VYA-nahh/doo AH-lows, prah-SHAHOO)
A glass of red/white wine, please. 
Prašau stiklinę raudono/balto vyno. (prah-SHAHOO stih-KLIH-nehh row-DAW-naw/BAHL-taw VIH-naw)
Half a litre, please. 
Pusę litro, prašau. (POO-seh LIH-traw, prah-SHAHOO) (Lithuanians have metric system thus by saying "a pint, please" you wouldn't be understood)
A bottle, please. 
Prašau vieną butelį. (prah-SHAHOO VYA-nahh boo-TA-lee)
viskis (VIHS-kihs)
brendis (BRAN-dihs)
džinas (JIH-nahs)
konjakas (kaw-NYAH-kahs)
kolada (kaw-LAH-dah)
degtinė (dag-TIH-nehh)
romas (RAW-mahs)
vanduo (VAHN-dwah)
tonic water 
tonikas (taw-NIH-kahs)
orange juice 
apelsinų sultys (ah-PAL-sih-noo SOOL-tihs)
Koka kola (KAW-kah KAW-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks? 
Ar turite kokių nors užkandžių? (ahr too-RIH-ta KAW-kyoo nawrs oozh-KAHN-jyoo)
One more, please. 
Prašau dar vieną (prah-SHAHOO dahr VYA-nahh)
When is closing time? 
Kai uždarymo laiko? (kai OOZH-dah-rih-maw LAI-kaw?)


Do you have this in my size? 
Ar turite tai mano dydžio? (ahr too-RIH-ta tai MAH-naw DIH-jyaw?)
How much is this? 
Kiek tai kainuoja? (kyak tie kai-NWOH-yah?)
That's too expensive. 
Tai per brangu. (tai par BRAHN-goo)
Would you take _____? 
Ar _____ užteks? (ahr____OOZH-taks?)
brangu (BRAHN-goo)
I can't afford it. 
Negaliu sau to leisti. (na-GAH-lyoo SAH-aw taw LAYS-tih)
I don't want it. 
Aš šito nenoriu (ahsh SHIH-taw na-NAW-ryoo)
You're cheating me. 
Jūs mane apgaudinėjate(yoos MAH-na ahp-gow-dih-nehh-YAH-ta)
I'm not interested. 
Man neįdomu (mahn na-ee-DAW-moo)
OK, I'll take it. 
Gerai, aš tai paimsiu (GEH-rai, ash tai PAIM-syoo)
Can I have a bag? 
Gal galėčiau gauti maišelį? (gahl gah-lehh-CHIH-ah-oo GOW-tih mai-SHEH-lee?)
I need... 
Man reikia... (mahn RAY-kyah)
...dantų pastos. (DAHN-too PAHS-taws)
...a toothbrush. 
...dantų šepetėlio. (DAHN-too sheh-peh-TEHH-lyaw)
...a towel. 
...rankšluosčio. (rahn-SHLOWS-chyaw)
...tamponų. (tahm-PAW-noo)
...feminine napkins. 
moteriškas servetėlės. (moh-ta-RIHSH-kahs sar-va-TEHH-lehhs)
...muilo. (MUI-law)
...šampūno. (shahm-POO-naw)
...pain reliever. (e.g., aspirin or ibuprofen
...nuskausminamųjų/vaistų nuo skausmo. (noos-kows-mih-nah-MOO-yoo/VAIS-too nwaw SKAHOOS-maw)
...cold medicine. 
...vaistų nuo peršalimo. (VAIS-too nwaw par-SHAH-lih-maw)
...stomach medicine. 
...vaistų skrandžiui. (VAIS-too skrahn-JYOO-ih)
...a razor. 
...skutimosi peiliuko. (skoo-tih-MAW-sih pay-LYOO-kaw)
...shaving cream. 
skutimosi kremas (skoo-tih-MAW-sih KREH-mahs) umbrella. 
...skėčio. (SKA-chyaw)
...sunblock lotion. 
...apsauginio kremo nuo saulės. (ahp-sow-GIH-nyoh KREH-maw nwaw SOW-lehhs)
dezodorantas. (deh-zaw-daw-RAHN-tahs)
kvepalai. (kveh-PAH-lai)
...a postcard. 
...atvirutės. (aht-vih-ROO-tehhs)
...postage stamps. 
...pašto ženkliuko. (PAHSH-taw zhehn-KLYOO-kaw)
...baterijų. (bah-TA-ryoo)
...writing paper. 
...rašomojo popieriaus. (rah-SHAW-maw-yaw paw-PYA-ryah-oos)
...a pen. 
...parkerio (ink-pen) / tušinuko (ball point pen). (pahr-KA-ryaw/too-shih-NOO-kaw)
...a pencil. 
...pieštuko (pyash-TOO-kaw)
...English-language books. 
...angliškų knygų (ahn-GLIHSH-koo KNY-goo)
...English-language magazines. 
...angliškų žurnalų (ahn-GLIHSH-koo zhoor-NAH-loo) English-language newspaper. 
...angliško laikraščio (ahn-GLIHSH-kaw lai-KRAHSH-chyaw) English-Lithuanian dictionary. 
...anglų-lietuvių kalbų žodyno (AHN-gloo-lya-TOO-vyoo KAHL-boo zhoh-DIH-naw)


I want to rent a car. 
Noriu išnuomoti mašiną. (NAW-ryoo ihsh-now-MAW-tih mah-SHIH-nahh)
Can I get insurance? 
Ar galiu gauti draudimą? (ahr GAH-lyoo GOW-tih drow-DIH-mahh?)
stop (on a street sign
stop (stohp)
one way 
vienos krypties eismas [one way traffic] (VYA-naws KREEP-tyas AYS-mahs)
no parking 
stovėti draudžiama [parking denied] (staw-VEHH-tih draw-JIA-mah)
speed limit 
maksimalus greitis (mahk-sih-MAH-loos GRAI-tihs)
gas (petrol) station 
benzino kolonėlė (ban-ZIH-naw kaw-law-NEHH-lehh)
benzinas (behn-ZIH-nahs)
dyzelinas (dih-zeh-LIH-nahs)


I haven't done anything wrong. 
Aš nieko blogo nepadariau. (ahsh NYA-kaw BLAW-gaw na-pah-DAH-ryoo)
It was a misunderstanding. 
Tai buvo nesusipratimas. (tai BOO-vaw neh-soo-sih-prah-TIH-mahs)
Where are you taking me? 
Kur jūs mane vedate? (koor yoos MAH-na veh-DAH-teh?)
Am I under arrest? 
Ar aš areštuojamas? (ahr ahsh ah-rash-twoh-YAH-mahs?)
I am an British/American/Australian citizen. 
Aš esu Didžiosios Britanijos/Amerikos/Australijos pilietis. (ahsh EH-soo dee-JYOH-syaws brih-TAH-niyaws/ameh-RIH-kaws/ows-TRAH-lih-yaws pih-LYA-tihs)
I want to talk to the British/American/Australian embassy/consulate. 
Aš noriu pasišnekėti su Didžiosios Britanijos/Amerikos/Australijos ambasada/konsulatu. (ahsh NAW-ryoo pah-sihsh-NA-kehh-tih soo dih-JYAW-syaws brih-tah-NIH-yaws/ah-meh-RIH-kaws/ows-TRAH-lih-yaws am-bah-SAH-dah/kohn-soo-LAH-too)
I want to talk to a lawyer. 
Noriu kalbėtis su advokatu. (NAW-ryoo kahl-BEHH-tihs soo ahd-vaw-KAH-too)
Can I just pay a fine now?

Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuania  and is spoken by about 4 million native speakers. The language belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family. Researchers of Indo-European languages say Lithuanian is the most archaic of all the living Indo-European tongues. In this respect it compares to the earliest Indo-European texts written 2500-3000 years ago. The Commission of the Lithuanian Language [1] is the official regulating organization of the language.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

INSTRUCTION VIDEO The Astronomical Pocket Diary youtube

August 13, 2010

2010 + 2011 - The Astronomical Pocket Diary ... Der Astronomische Taschenkalender ... L'Agenda Astronomique - SEARCH for ASTRONOMICAL in the itunes App-shop on your iPhone and download your own flip-book animated solar system calendar with "important" dates, birthdays, international and religious holidays (Christian sects', Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu superstitions), PRECISE TIMES OF PLANET ALIGNMENTS & Moon phases, lunar and solar eclipses, all the year's planet positions (Mars, Venus Jupiter, Saturn and the rarely seen Mercury).
The APD has been known to be used by stock brokers, managers, science teachers, sailors, gardeners, amateur astronomer stargazers and god and the devil himself. Get an ONLINE PREVIEW @ ... use it as your personal "Prophets Handbook" and plan your commemoration and contemplation of historical and present dates
The world is ever more aware about the environment, energy and incidences that shape us. This diary helps to stay in touch with our planet and provides inspiration and awareness. Plan your celebrations with a wealth of information about the future! (2012 will be a disaster, but not because of the stars!)
Astronomers! A true DIARY OF PHENOMENA of celestial events, all times are in GMT of superior and inferior conjunctions, oppositions, apogee and perigee, greatest elongations, minor planets events, and even the date when extraterrestial spaceships (UFOs) will visit the earth (Micromegas) .. just kidding. Seriously you will enjoy the anniversaries of world-changing incidences, compiled for free-thinkers, i.e. YOU.



* astronomy * astrology * calendar * almanac * almanack * agenda * yearbook * astro * predictions * future * reading


The Astronomical Pocket Diary (APD)

This cool agenda predicts the future: planet constellations (in “Planimation”) and spacy events for the years 2010 and 2011!

*** Features ***
Available since 1989 and cherished all over the world, the APD has been known to be used by stock brokers, managers, science teachers, sailors, gardeners, amateur astronomer stargazers etc. .. generally anyone who can benefit from having “facts about the future”. It has even been described as a “Prophets Handbook”!

*** Usage ***
The APD-app is dead simple. Sweep your finger over the screen and the calendar is animated! Watch the planets move in a flip-book animation. Sweep left or right to go backwards or forwards through the years. Sweep multiple times to increase the speed until the years whizzes by in seconds. Tap once on the screen to stop, tapping on the left or right screen boundary will back-up or advance the calendar by a single day. Sweeping ‘up’ will jump to ‘today’. Sweep ‘down’ to see the ‘about-screen’.

The solar system graph depicts our solar system seen from ‘above’ with the Sun

at the centre. The interconnected lines form the true planetary aspects as you can see them in the night sky. The daily Moon-phase (illumination), Moon distance and Moon declination is a ‘biorhythm’ that actually exists. Exact times of astronomical phenomena are given in GMT.
National and international holidays, anniversaries, VIP birthdays and important events in history connects our societies and make a great general knowledge quiz.

*** Relevance ***
It is fascinating to watch the planetary movements and ponder what influence they have. For example the stock market crash (Black Monday) of 1987 happened exactly on Jupiter opposition, which will happen again on 21. September 2010 and 29. October 2011. Of course if you don´t believe in this psychology you’ll enjoy the all-night visibility of that bright planet which the greeks call Zeus. The ‘orbitgraph’ gives a quick reference of the changing of evening and morning stars and the 13 (!) signs of the zodiac, where all 5 naked-eye-visible planets can be found.

The world is ever more aware about the environment, energy and incidences that shape us. This diary helps to stay in touch with our planet and provides inspiration and awareness. Plan your celebrations with a wealth of information about the future!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wie ich zu dem wurde was ich bin IDEOLOGISCHER WERDEGANG

Mein ideologischer Werdegang:

Ich bin Anhaenger des


Ich war bis gestern noch ein luxemburgist.

aber hab auch ueberlegt ob vielleicht


mein ding ist.

Zuerst war ich sicher das ich dem

angehoere, aber als ich

kennenlernte, schritt ich geistig voran und ueber



kam ich schliesslich zu

Aber dann entdeckte ich


und es brachte mich auf


und gany besonders

Jedoch ohne

zu vernachlaessigen studierte ich


im Zusammenspiel mit dem beruhmten

Auch spielte ich mit dem Gedanken an


Aber das verwarf ich schnell zugunsten des


Es wurde unuebersichlich. Ich sang erstmal

und dachte ueber


kam fuer mich nur noch

Bis ich auf

stiess. Religioes wurde ich durch

und den Denker



Ich war sehr fuer


Aber alles ausser

schien verlogen.

Eine verrueckte idee brachte mich dann zurueck zu

und dann

und dann

Dann ging mir der Hut hoch und ich verband mich mit


Aber das war auch keine Loesung. Ich untersuchte



Ich war entnervt. Meine Richtung wurde durch



und sogar

Aber das fuehrte zu nichts.

Ich war klar fuer

bis ich auf

stiess. Das veraenderte meine Sichtweise in Richtung


Schliesslich hatte ich genug und wurde GANZ EINFACH anhaenger des guten, alten

oder war es doch

Ach SCHEISSE... Ich bin jetzt seid neuestem Mitglied beim

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

German Documentary

Zapara featuring in a German TV Documentary, titled:

Der Kampf um den Regenwald

Ecuador, das Öl und Amazonien

broadcast 10 August 2010 12:30 on Phoenix TV, a state-owned documentary channel
without advertisements. (a bit like C-Span, only much much better)

The Struggle for the Rainforest
Ecuador, the oil and Amazonia

Documentation by Stefan Schaaf, ARD-Studio Mexico

"We fight it alone against all," says Marlon Santi, a Quechua Indian from Ecuador. He lives in the village Sarayaku, which fights for years against international oil companies that want to develop the Amazon region.

A trip through Ecuador's rain forest, in the footsteps of indigenous people who fight for the soul of this magical area. The beautiful are ideal world of the Amazon is long gone, the forest is threatened. 1,500 kilograms of explosives have been buried by the oil companies around Sarayaku.

A few hundred miles northeast of the jungle even more contaminated - in the region of Lago Agrio is promoted for forty years of oil. Ecuador has risen now the fourth largest oil exporter in Latin America. In 45 million hectares of nature reserves located in the rainforest, international oil companies have taken root and promote the precious raw material.

"Do not weep for the Amazon, Texaco tank you" as is graffiti on the walls of houses in the capital, Quito - the oil draws devastating environmental damage, but oil companies like Texaco refused so far to remedy the damage. In this part of the rainforest, there is an apocalyptic atmosphere - ground water contamination, half of all rivers contaminated, the disease in the population increased rapidly.

But they still experienced, wonderful encounters in the forest - such as the People of the Zapara. Early in the morning they sit together in front of their tents and tell their dreams. This they drink chicha, a light manioc beer, and interpret their nocturnal visions. Those who can not dream of telling the Zaparas may not go well through the day.

GERMAN TELEVISION is right-leaning.

Anti-capitalist views are not represented (fairly)

Stefan Schaaf knows this. If he would report in a fair manner, he would be terminated (from his job) very quickly!

An apt comment:

Much FARC, something Escobar and a democratic constitutional state, that is the image that conveyed the ARD correspondent Stefan Schaaf in his article on Sunday broadcast. Schaaf, who runs the ARD studio in Mexico City shows that very one-sided Colombia-image convey the corporate media in this country much.

His movie, entitled "Terror in Colombia. Of hostages and rebels," he starts with the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt from the hands of FARC. No word on the cause while breaking the Geneva Convention by the Colombian army. Rather, Schaaf viewers a clear positive image of Colombia's president, who was responsible for the liberation of the Colombian-French politicians. No word on the right-wing Uribe's policies, no word about the connection between Uribe's policies and the paramilitaries. Paramilitaries are only mentioned briefly once and then only when the opponent of the guerrillas. With no mention Schaaf victims of state violence policy: trade unionists, leftist opposition to the government like to be known as guerrillas and stigmatized.

With this contribution Schaaf made it clear that he deserves his salary, in terms of a pro-government reporting.

Other broadcast dates for Phoenix:
01.24.2009, 11:00 clock Ι Sun, 25.01.2009, 07:30 clock Ι Sun, 25.01.2009, 18.00 clock

A very different picture provided Colombia Renate Werner directly following in their documentary "No bread for oil". There were government-approved evictions of peasants, the murder of those just mentioned by right-wing paramilitaries and opposition politicians. This post will not be repeated.

So one can expect in this report, no word on U.S. responsibility for the hunger and misery in Haiti.

After the earthquake in Haiti
In the ruins of Port-au-Prince,

When the massive earthquake in Haiti more than half of the houses and roads were destroyed or damaged in the capital. Even the presidential palace and the cathedral collapsed. Before the few remaining hospitals are killed and injured in the streets.

By Stefan Schaaf, ARD Mexico, ZZT. Port-au-Prince, Haiti


since June 2007 Stephan Schaaf is a correspondent in the studio ARD Mexico.
Born in Cologne, studied in Munich, POLITICAL SCIENCE.
1982 to 1984 he lived in the U.S..

mein ausland: Der Kampf um den Regenwald

Ecuador, das Öl und Amazonien

Dokumentation von Stefan Schaaf, ARD-Studio Mexiko

Gerne spricht man von der "grünen Lunge" der Welt, wenn man an Amazonien denkt - das Gebiet rund um den riesigen Amazonas-Strom. Die grüne Lunge?

"Wir kämpfen doch allein gegen alle", sagt Marlon Santi, ein Quechua-Indianer aus Ecuador. Er lebt in dem Dorf Sarayacu, das sich schon seit Jahren gegen internationale Ölfirmen wehrt, die das Amazonas Gebiet erschließen wollen.

Eine Reise durch Ecuadors Regenwald, auf den Spuren der Ureinwohner, die um die Seele dieses magischen Gebiets kämpfen. Die schöne heile Welt des Amazonas gibt es schon lange nicht mehr, der Urwald ist bedroht. 1.500 Kilogramm Sprengstoff sind von den Ölfirmen rund um Sarayacu vergraben worden.

Ein paar hundert Kilometer weiter nordöstlich ist der Urwald schon kontaminiert – im Gebiet vom Lago Agrio wird seit vierzig Jahren Öl gefördert. Ecuador ist mittlerweile zum viertgrößten Erdöl-Exporteur Lateinamerikas aufgestiegen. In 45 Millionen Hektar großen Naturschutzgebieten mitten im Regenwald haben sich internationale Ölfirmen eingenistet und fördern den kostbaren Rohstoff.

"Weine nicht um den Amazonas, du tankst Texaco" steht als Graffiti an den Hauswänden in der Hauptstadt Quito – die Ölförderung zieht verheerende Umweltschäden nach sich, doch Ölfirmen wie Texaco weigern sich bislang, diese Schäden zu beseitigen. In diesem Teil des Regenwaldes stellt sich Endzeitstimmung ein – das Grundwasser kontaminiert, die Hälfte aller Flüsse verseucht, die Krankheiten bei der Bevölkerung sprunghaft angestiegen.

Aber man erlebt sie doch noch, traumhafte Begegnungen im Regenwald – etwa bei dem Volk der Zapara. Früh morgens setzen sie sich vor ihren Hütten zusammen und erzählen sich ihre Träume. Dazu trinken sie Chicha, ein leichtes Maniok-Bier, und deuten ihre nächtlichen Visionen. Wer nicht träumen kann, sagen die Zaparas, kann auch nicht gut durch den Tag gehen.


(denn antikapitalistische Sichtweisen werden nicht fair dargestellt!)

Stefan Schaaf weiß dies natürlich. Wenn er fair berichtete, wäre er ganz schnell gekündigt!)

Ein zutreffender Kommentar dazu:

Viel FARC, etwas Escobar und ein demokratischer Rechtsstaat, das ist das Bild, welches der ARD-Korrespondent Stefan Schaaf in seinem am Sonntag ausgestrahlten Beitrag vermittelte. Schaaf, der das ARD-Studio in Mexiko-Stadt leitet, zeigt eben jenes einseitige Kolumbien-Bild, das die bürgerlichen Medien hierzulande gern vermitteln.

Seinen Film mit dem Titel "Terror in Kolumbien. Von Geiseln und Rebellen" beginnt er mit der Befreiung Ingrid Betancourts aus den Händen der FARC. Kein Wort über den dabei verursachten Bruch der Genfer Konvention durch die kolumbianische Armee. Vielmehr zeigt Schaaf den Zuschauern ein deutlich positives Bild des kolumbianischen Präsidenten, der für die Befreiung der kolumbianisch-französischen Politikern verantwortlich zeichnete. Kein Wort über die rechtsextreme Politik Uribes, kein Wort über die Verbindung zwischen Uribes Politik und den Paramilitärs. Paramilitärs werden nur kurz mal erwähnt und dann auch nur als die Gegenspieler der Guerilla. Mit keinem Wort erwähnt Schaaf die Opfer der staatlichen Gewaltpolitik: Gewerkschafter, linke Oppositionelle, die von der Regierung gerne als Guerilleros bezeichnet und stigmatisiert werden.

Mit diesem Beitrag machte Schaaf deutlich, dass er sein Gehalt verdient hat, im Sinne einer regierungsfreundlichen Berichterstattung.

Weitere Sendetermine auf Phoenix:
24.01.09, 11.00 Uhr Ι So, 25.01.09, 07.30 Uhr Ι So, 25.01.09, 18.00 Uhr

Ein deutlich anders Kolumbien-Bild lieferte Renate Werner direkt im Anschluß in ihrer Dokumentation "Kein Brot für Öl". Dort wurden staatlich gebilligte Vertreibungen von Kleinbauern, die Ermordung eben jener durch rechte Paramilitärs und oppositionelle Politiker erwähnt. Dieser Beitrag wird jedoch nicht wiederholt.

So kann man auch in diesem Bericht kein Wort zur USA Verantwortlichkeit für Hunger und Elend in Haiti erwarten.

Nach dem Erdbeben in Haiti

In den Trümmern von Port-au-Prince

Bei dem schweren Erdbeben in Haiti wurden mehr als die Hälfte der Häuser und Straßen in der Hauptstadt zerstört oder beschädigt. Auch der Präsidentenpalast und die Kathedrale sind eingestürzt. Vor den wenigen erhaltenen Krankenhäusern liegen Tote und Verletzte in den Straßen.

Von Stefan Schaaf, ARD Mexiko, zzt. Port-au-Prince, Haiti


seit Juni 2007 ist Stephan Schaaf ARD Korrespondent im Studio Mexiko.
Geboren in Köln, studierte in München POLITISCHE WISSENSCHAFTEN.
von 1982 bis 1984 lebte er in den USA.

related News, today 10 august 2010

Juan Manuel Santos has been sworn in as Colombia's new president, replacing Álvaro Uribe. Santos served as Uribe's defense minister. In one of his first moves as president, Santos called for Colombia to improve relations with its neighbors.

    Juan Manuel Santos: "One of my main goals as president will be to rebuild the relationships with Venezuela and Ecuador, to reestablish the trust, diplomacy and prudence."

Colombia's new president Juan Manuel Santos is scheduled to meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez on Tuesday.
Fidel Castro Addresses Cuban National Assembly

In Cuba, former president Fidel Castro addressed the Cuban National Assembly on Saturday for the first time in four years. He focused much of the speech on the threat of nuclear war. Castro warned that US pressure against Iran could trigger a devastating nuclear conflict.

    Fidel Castro: "The United States would be ordering the instant death not just of hundreds of millions of people—amongst them, an incalculable number of residents of their own country—but also of the crew members of all the United States' naval ships in the waters around Iran."

Mexican Journalists Call for Government Protection of the Press

Over 700 Mexican journalists marched on Saturday to demand that the Mexican government crack down on murders, kidnapping, disappearances and threats against the media. Journalists carried a banner listing the names of sixty-four journalists who have been murdered since 2001.

I have a copy of the documentary, please leave a COMMENT below if you need it
keywords: avi download mp4 torrent p2p share runterladen transcript volltext

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